TIJUANA (SanDiegoRed, Omar Millán) - More than seven kilograms of explosives, an arsenal and tactical team equipment identifed with the Federal Police logo were confiscated by the Mexican army yesterday east of the city. The Commander of the second military region reported Wednesday that an anonymous caller said a group of armed men were in a house under construction on the Río Fuerte at colonia Camino Verde, in distrito Sánchez Taboada. Military personnel moved in there and began inspecting several houses in the area. No suspects were arrested but in one house they found two large weapons, one of them was a .50 caliber rifle, 1179 cartridges, 177 loaders and seven kilograms of Hydrogel (an explosive which acts through a device). In addition, they found diverse tactical team gear comprising of ten gas masks, five bulletproof vests, 31 shirts and 24 t-shirts with the crew logo, a bulletproof shield, 15 jackets and Navy Blue pants, 33 crew logos, 17 logos of the PGR, 34 military vests, a ministerial police badge and two federal police badges. The military did not reveal what criminal group could have had the arsenal and what the uniforms mean. The Federal Prosecutor's Office has been given charge of the case investigation. This is not the first time that authorities found pirated uniforms of police agencies belonging to drug cartel cells. In the last three years, the authorities have discovered various groups operating in cloned uniforms and even military type vehicles. One of the most high-profile cases was in October of 2009, when the Mexican army discovered a group of men with arms, uniforms and camouflaged military type vehicles at a house east of the city. There, individuals were working on a plan to assassinate then Secretario de Seguridad Pública de Tijuana, Julián Leyzaola by orders of Teodoro García Simental, "El Teo", then leader of a criminal cell linked to the Sinaloa cartel.

MEXICO CITY (SanDiegoRed) - The Archbishop Primate of Mexico, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, called for criminals to repent and respect human life, as they "may not escape from the Justice of God". “The call is in the name of God, to cease doing evil and learn to do good”, said the high Catholic hierarch during his homily on Holy Thursday in the Metropolitan Cathedral. Rivera asked the bands of organized crime to cease its "ambition and greed", to stop killing, extortion and corruption and to respect human life. He reminded criminals that there is also "hope of forgiveness" if they repent and work to amend the immense evil they have done, but also reiterated to them that if "they remain evil, they will not achieve Mercy or escape the Justice of God". The Archbishop told the faithful who attended the homily the cry of enough “fails to break the deafness of criminals, corrupt authorities”, who only think and run. He expressed the concern of the Church by the “deterioration of the social fabric” in a place without compassion and the “exhibition and morbid commercialization of evil. We have become indolent to victim numbers and statistics". “Mexico appears to be a lost society sinking in fear and despair; we feel trapped in a spiral of violence, selfishness and corruption without limits”, Rivera said. The frontal war against drug trafficking that began in December of 2006, unleashed a wave of violence and clashes between gangs and Government forces, which has left more than 35,000 dead in the past four years.


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