TIJUANA BC (Tijuana Press, Daniel Angel/Leonardo Ortiz, 5/17/11) – Operations have started at the Siliken Company, a fabricator of solar panels. It is among other industrial buildings waiting to be rented. Jorge Molina, director-general of the company located in colonia Bajamaq el Aguila, spoke about the importance of renewable energy as a reality. This is more than a line. It is an opportunity to be leaders in the industry, he said. Based on figures from the State Government, the company will employ 180 people in a first phase. The goal is to employ 500.

TIJUANA BC (Tijuana Press, 5/17/11) – May 17 is the date declared World Day Against Homophobia, chosen in 1990 by the General Assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO) when it removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses. The current thought is 'phobia to homosexuality'. It's a simple-mindset: a phobia. "Homosexuality is not a disease, we are all equals and we therefore have the same rights to healthcare," he mentioned. He is the program manager of HIV and STI in the State, the DRA Remedies Lozada. In many cases, the fear of stigma and discrimination deter requests for HIV testing, counseling and treatment. In other cases the same practical homophobia prevents access to these services. So in the framework of the World Day Against Homophobia, the Health Department of Baja California created the HIV, AIDS and STI programs to develop actions necessary to ensure the Centros Clinics for the Prevention and Treatment to AIDS and other STI (CAPACITS) and other health services in Baja California, are declared free of homophobia and discrimination. Removing the stigma is a problem of rights and is a threat against the health and rights of individuals. In our city, sectors are vulnerable to stigma and discrimination, such as migrants, drug users, commercial sex workers, families of people living with HIV / AIDS, as well as professionals who travel in these areas and to any person regardless of status, creed, sexual orientation, etc. The important thing is to get them health services, said the State representative Remedia Lozada. CENSIDA, in conjunction with ISESALUD, has decided to take the step and make an example by getting CAPASITS to be the first to raise awareness and obtain certification as a Health clinic free of stigma and discrimination. In communication with the director-general of CENSIDA, José Antonio Izazola Licea, said discrimination against this population group is diminishing, now down to only three in 10 people. They do not know someone living with HIV. In 1988, eight of every 10 expressed rejection of this population group. The group most affected remains men who have sex with other men. Prevalence is estimated as highest among homosex workers with 15%, followed by 11% in men having sex with other men. The rapid growth of cases in women also is sign of the impact of discrimination, of the same homophobia. In the State today, around 1500 people receive antiretrovirales treatment in the CAPASITS and Atencion Integral Centers. Nowadays everyone has access to medicines and comprehensive care. Between the State and the Federation of Mexico, 126 million pesos ($10,708,824) are invested for care and treatment. This year, the strategy is for the dissemination of prevention, detection and care services of HIV based on interviews with profound users and some users of CAPACITS. This, as well as the skilled health professionals working for them. Highlights include an awareness strategy to prevent and eliminate the stigma, called "Free ho CAPASITS" and "Mo-fobia and Discrimination"


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