HIV-AIDS Discrimination Continues (Tijuana Press, 1/19/13 by Daniel Angel)

Tijuana, BC - Discrimination of people with HIV-AIDS is still occurring, said Remedios Lozada, PhD, a researcher of the disease in Sanitary Jurisdiction No. 2. "Out of ignorance and insensitivity, there is information, but here we can talk about the lack of its dissemination by health personnel", she commented.

The disease does have risks, she said. She appealed to the conscience of the population indicating that anyone can get it. "I think that we'd like to treat it with dignity. We have come a long way without a doubt but we must always stand against the stigma of discrimination," she said.

She said this is a social issue that should be dealt with at home and part of the health sector encourages patients to report if they are victims of discrimination because of the condition. She added that if you are tested to detect the disease, it should not be a requirement to enter or stay on a job, or a marriage. "We’ve had discrimination at some companies and dismissals", said researcher Lozada.

U.S. Customs Agent Sentenced (Tijuana Press, 1/18/13 by Vicente Calderón)

Tijuana, BC – In a second ruling against a U.S. federal agent this week, Judge Anthony J. Battaglia sentenced a Customs and Border Protection Agent to 8 months in prison. In a statement, the U.S. Attorney's Office reported that Thomas P. Silva accepted having hidden a fugitive of the law, the same one he had let illegally enter the country, when assigned at the port of entry in San Ysidro.

Silva, a resident of Chula Vista, California, was also prosecuted for fraud because he took a pick-up truck to Mexico and then reported it stolen and received $8,129.37 in insurance. Now the judge will force him to return that amount to "Farmers Insurance" and to also pay $16,000 from proceeds of his criminal activities.

Silva was arrested on September 7, 2012, while he was on shift at the San Ysidro POE. The veteran who had 9 years in the agency was accused of allowing the illegal entry of his brother-in-law, Julio César Landaverde Valdez into the country who was a fugitive after having been found guilty of dealing with undocumenteds. Landaverde and an accomplice were caught when they tried to smuggle a man hidden in the dashboard of an auto, according to official documents.

The investigation against the Customs and Border Protection Agent started in 2010, supposedly due to a complaint. The judge who sentenced Silva said that his conduct was abominable and embarrassed the country with his criminal activities while serving as a law enforcement officer

Another federal agent sentenced this week was an officer of the Border Patrol convicted of stealing equipment from the U.S. Government, transporting stolen materials and possession of child pornography.

Rodolfo Zúñiga was assigned to the Border Patrol in Imperial Beach and sentenced to 37 months in prison, for among other things, stealing localization team satellite equipment and infrared binoculars which he sold on E bay.


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