Use of Condoms Recommended (Tijuana Press, 2/1/13)

Tijuana, BC - In order to prevent the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), the Chief of Epidemiology of the Tijuana General Hospital, Dr. Samuel Navarro Alvarez, urges the use condoms during each sexual act.


He said that having unprotected sex (via vaginal, anal or oral) is a risk factor for acquiring STIs, such as: Condyloma acumindos (produced by the human papilloma virus), syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, genital Chlamydia, trichomoniasis or HIV, among others.

HIV and syphilis are sexually transmitted infections most frequently diagnosed in the Department Epidemiology of this hospital. Navarro Alvarez said that the majority of STIs can be cured by a doctor with timely treatment (with the exception of HIV-AIDS), if the patient avoids recurrence.

After a week and up to the 3 months following intercourse without protection, some of the signs and symptoms that may appear merit medical supervision at the health center, are such as:

• Pimples, sores or ulcers • Vaginal discharge accompanied by odor, itching or burning. • In men, pain in urethra secretion or the rectum with burning during urination. • Lumps or warts.

In addition, the Chief of the Epidemiology Service said not all STIs generate symptoms or discomfort. What is most important is to conduct periodic laboratory studies, especially tests for HIV or syphilis in the case of exposure to a risk factor.

To avoid these complications, Navarro Alvarez reiterated the importance of using condoms (female or male) during each sexual act, following the indications for their use. It should be noted that the treatments for sexual transmitted infections are completely free from Popular Insurance and that it provides the tools for detection and follow-up at health centers, general hospitals or in the various entity CAPASITS Outpatient Clinics (for the Treatment and Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

Reforms Needed to Protect Women (Tijuana Press, 2/2/13 by Daniel Angel)

Tijuana, BC - Reforms of municipal justice regulations to provide protections for women victims of violence from municipal judges, have not made progress because there is controversy due to interpretations of the law, said Councilor Miriam Ayón.The debate is in the Legal Department of City Hall with issues regarding powers and scope, explained the Mayor President of the Committee on equity and gender. "One main interest for us is the application, and "another is when could protection be applied because there are many lawyers saying the Public Prosecutor's Office not is applying them", she said.

Chapter III of the law assures women of a life free from violence. Article 21 states that: "protection orders are acts carried out by competent authorities; urgent applications based on the interest of the victim, and are fundamentally precautionary and preventive, factual probability constitutes an offense or offenses involving violence". For the Councilor, when the article speaks of violations, it is the municipality who has the power to address the issue because it is the primary contact between the Government and citizens; the public Ministry where a crime is involved.

She added that the directive of municipal justice is to support the last reform of Article 1 of the Federal Constitution which empowers all authorities to safeguard the human rights and integrity of persons. She added that before a request for an opinion, the National Women's Institute recommended a modification of the rules of Justice for municipal judges; the power to issue protection orders at both levels of Government that are appropriate, acting for either the city or State.

"I think that here, it is most important is to see how it works, and if for some reason it is said there are no options because the State law's assurance to a life free of violence does not specifically provide it to the municipality with the power to dictate or issue, and not only apply, we would then have to issue a recommendation to the Congress of the State to make that adjustment", she stressed. She recalled that the topic has already advanced with Training Groups of the Municipal Police and Municipal Judges. The changes were favored by the Police and served well in those situations already approved by the Commission's Governorate.

A Violent January (Tijuana Press, 2/2/13 by Vicente Calderón)

Tijuana, BC - January is over and during the month there were 42 homicides in Tijuana, according to official figures from the Attorney General the State. The authorities underline that there were fewer homicides than in January of the previous year. The statistics of the last 5 years show what has been established is a criminal pattern in the city.

The beginning and end of the year are criminal violence-minded; at least in regard to killings. According to the same figures from the Attorney General of Justice, in the 3 last years, January has been the month with more killings: 2010, 119; 2011, 56; 2012, 47. In 2009, January was the second most violent month surpassed only by December that officially registered 123 murders.

2008, deserves a separate review, because it is misleading for it to rank seventh in years when in January, it had 41 murders. It should be understood, it was the most lethal year in the history of the city generated by the struggle between the two cartel factions. It was the year in which Teodoro García Simental, alias"Teo", betrayed his ex-patrones, Arellano Cartel Felix and challenged his position in Sinaloa.

These latest 42 deaths are real tragedies. Although some generate greater concern among citizenship. The brutal murder of a 5 year-old girl at the hands of her stepfather provoked the indignation of the population, and the immediate action of the authorities. Within a few hours of the reported crime it was determined and confirmed this weekend that the boyfriend of the mother, was left to care for the little one while she worked and is already in jail.

But in other cases the authorities have done almost nothing and are trying to minimize the seriousness of things. This was the case after the killing of a police officer as he left work. In this crime, Officer Ricardo Salgado Hernández was one of a spate of killings which totaled 8 in less than 24 hours at the start of the second week of January. "Unfortunately they came together right now at the beginning of year; I don't see anything spectacular, well, that is just an upturn in crime and we regret it very much, but we are sure that it is an isolated thing" – a slogan noted by our colleague Daniel Ángel on a statement by the Mayor Carlos Bustamante. That officer was his employee, before he became the municipal President.

Alberto Capella who is now charge in of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat does not walk very far. “There is no psychosis, no regrettable situation, it is something that faces us unfortunately all day", Capella Ibarra publicly said. The officer was given his honors at the police facilities but the Mayor did not attend.

Although some researchers have said unofficially that the policeman's murder could be related to retail drug sales, they have not officially announced any advances in the investigation. The man who had been detained as allegedly involved was released for lack of evidence to charge him.

For the municipal authorities, the first killing of one of its agents is already in the past. Anyway, the Mayor Bustamante had already declared; “Sometimes at the beginning of year there are certain spurts". On the streets some his Government campaign ads still say; "En seguridad, Tijuana ya es otra (In security, Tijuana is another – matter, story, question)".You must be very careful before you believe the official propaganda. Or the media who repeats everything the Government tells them.


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