City Lighting Repair Ongoing (Tijuana Press, 10/16/12 by Daniel Angel)

Tijuana, BC - The Secretariat of urban development in the municipality ensures, in advance of repairs, 75% of newly installed luminaries in failures. In September they said they would complete work in a month David Navarro, head Secretariat, estimated next week he could finish work on nearly 3,800 affected lamps and will then continue with the renewal program. He pointed out that when they restart the reinstallation process they shall take necessary measures to avoid damages such as they have had already.

"We are first of all reviewing computers and have found "failures that were generated the city of Tijuana electrical structure and have are supported them with some 'new' additions”, he said.

On September 17th, the municipal government announced it would stop the renewal program after various citizen complaints because many streets lamps did not work and those responsible estimated that in one month they would solve the issue. The program includes changing more than 60,000 lamps "yellow lights" with "white lights", with the aim of saving on electrical energy expenditures the City Council wants.

The company that won the contract for 130 million pesos ($10,156,900 US) attributed failures to three issues: 51% to improper connections beforehand, 31% to variations in voltage and 18% to equipment failures. David Navarro indicated 12 are crews who are working and reiterated that by December they will have the work finished. In September they said they it would end in a month.

Suspect Admits Killing of Abel Lopez (Tijuana Press, 10/16/12 by Vicente Calderón)

Tijuana, BC - Raúl Vázquez who was already the principal suspect authorities considered in the murder of Abel López, director of the Internet Site, confessed to shooting him, said Police sources.

Since Monday night following several hours of interrogation, the 20-year-old man admitted responsibility in the homicide, who was entrusted by the reporter, said people close to the State Justice Office. They added that although the official autopsy report is pending, he apparently shot him three times. However, two were known injuries to the head after examination of the photographer’s body.

Originally from Sinaloa, he was a long time resident of Tijuana. The weapon allegedly belonged to Abel López, as stated by Raul, who occasionally accompanied the graphic reporter in the corridors of the municipal Palace of this border.

Miguel Angel Guerrero, Coordinator against organized crime of the State Attorney General of Justice, reported late Monday that the son-in-law was held as the main suspect because there were serious conflicts between what he first said to municipal police and subsequently found, declared homicide detectives of the Attorney General investigators.

Also reported was a positive test for sodium rodizonato which is an indication that a gun was fired. The State official said that the origin of the murder was a family problem as a result of liquor consumption, because Abel López and Raúl Vázquez had been drinking until the early morning hours.

Manuel Cordero, a reporter, asked the investigator during the press conference if this was basically "a fight between drunks". "If so it might it be called so?" asked Miguel Warrior. Police previously said it was not even established as a motive for the murder, because the investigation was ongoing.

It was reported also that Vazquez considered staging a kidnapping before the homicide. Several media outlets reported he had an armed group come to the house of Lopez Aguilar and that there had been force used, which was part of the series of errors and reported rumors both in traditional and online media.

Authorities are still seeking the 22-caliber pistol which they said would have been used in the crime. A reporter wrote a column entitled "Serpenteando" (Meanders), on his website that was posted after he was shot, according to detectives. On the website, the image of a black ribbon first appeared after the death of Lopez, with "Rest in peace". It doesn't say who is the author of the text, but said that his daughter, Jocelyn López Zatarain will continue the work left by her father.

This is the text full of the only reference to the murder from the director of Tijuana, BC - 15 October 2012, Because of the death of Mr. Ramón Abel López Aguilar, director of the news site we will resume with informative notes on October 18th of this year and continue with Signed, Miss Jocelyn López Zatarain, daughter of Mr. Ramón Abel López Aguilar, Signed, Director. Thanks to all the readers of for your understanding and patience. Our God, who comes from the Father in Heaven and earth, remember in your mercy thy servant Abel López Aguilar, who in the world has been our loving father. Take his soul to eternal peace and give him love. You, Lord, see the pain of his wife and orphaned children. We ask you to protect those who have been orphaned on the earth so that we grow in body and soul. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


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