TIJUANA, Baja California (Frontera, Luis Gerardo Andrade, 6/15/11) - This morning the torso of a man was found inside a suitcase. This information was confirmed by the Attorney General of Justice of the State (PGJE), who specified the macabre discovery was made around 2:40 a.m. on calle Ignacio Altamirano in colonia Reforma. Arriving there, PGJE staff found a green nylon bag wrapped in black plastic bags tied with a light green cable lying on the asphalt. Once opened expert services staff found inside, wrapped in a blanket, the body of a male person without limbs or a head. The human trunk was in an advanced stage of putrefaction. The body was transferred to forensic medical service facilities (Semefo) for a legal autopsy. So far, authorities have not confirmed whether the decapitated head found last week belongs to the same victim.

TIJUANA, Baja California (Frontera, Iván Moreno, 6/15/11) This July 9 the Opera Festival in the Street will bring Tijuana under a different essence, representing the right way to celebrate the centenary of the historic, most visited border in the world for 12 hours of activities. Returning to direct the Opera of Tijuana, Maria Teresa Riqué, highlighted the rich mosaic of activities the cultural community will offer including for the first time a complete piece and the live transmission of the project via the Internet. "The highlight is the presentation of 'cavalleria rusticana', a short Opera, but it is very stimulating to present a full Opera for the first time", said Riqué during an interview, highlighting the involvement of tenor José Luis Duval and mezzo-soprano Ana Rojas. The eighth edition of the festival will be on calle quinta de la Colonia Libertad. In 2011, this will have special significance to the city, stoking the fighting spirit through parts of the late 19th and early 20th centuries in a melodic development of tijuanense registration. "The festival will be framed in celebration of the centenary of the historic defense of Tijuana. We are preparing a program based on research done by the group Los Californios. The group is led by baritone Manuel Acosta," said Riqué. Expectations are for between 8 and 10,000 attendees to enjoy the scenery, drinks and food, a garden art area, as well as a children's section. The Opera in the street grows in size. Direction of workshops is with an operatic approach, according to the information provided by the directive. In coordination with the State Government, the 22nd City Council, Tourism and Conventions Committee of Tijuana (Cotuco) and the private sector, this edition of the festival promises to exalt the artistic values of the city for 12 hours. "The main intention of the festival is the promotion of the Opera. I am inviting the community. I am sure they will enjoy it. You can see the huge amount of talent we have in the city", concluded María Teresa Riqué. The 8th edition Opera Festival in the Street transcends borders with her artistic proposal, supporting by the benefits of the digital era, so informed general director of the project, Maria Teresa Riqué during the interview. "People who may not be physically able to attend can enjoy the event via a live streaming webcast of the group. Revolution in movement", said Riqué last Wednesday at the offices of the Tijuana Committee of Tourism and Conventions. WebTV will broadcast 12-hours of the Opera House, concerts, and more on July 9 beginning at noon.

TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Ana Luz Sánchez Aguirre, 6/15/11) - In order to train and upgrade health professionals, the "Symposium of HIV/AIDS and Syphilis in Pregnant Women" was held yesterday. It was aimed at health staff at the second and first levels of care, said State Secretary of Health José Bustamante Moreno. In this sense, he commented the goal is to raise awareness and training of health personnel to strengthen the strategy of prevention and timely detection of AIDS and syphilis in pregnant women in Baja California. He explained issues that were discussed: - General information about the national program for the prevention of the transmission of HIV/AIDS and elimination of Congenital Syphilis - Detection and Handling of HIV/AIDS in pregnant women for the prevention of transmission from mother to child - Prophylactic Management of HIV/AIDS in exposed children and follow-up - Detection and timely management of Syphilis in pregnant women for the prevention and elimination of congenital syphilis - Rapid tests for HIV and syphilis, among others He noted that HIV could be transmitted from mother to baby during pregnancy. That is why they have given 60,000 rapid tests for pregnant women throughout the State; to detect the condition in a timely manner and thus give the mother adequate treatment and avoid infecting the baby. The first trimester is the ideal time to perform the test. He said to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS or syphilis: use latex condoms correctly during all sexual intercourse; do not share needles for injecting drugs, steroids, or vitamins; do not get tattooed or have peircings made; and talk with your partner about how to practice safer sex. The official added, in the State there are 20,000 thousand pregnancies per month on average. That is why it is very important that all women, if they suspect or know they are pregnant; complete the rapid tests for HIV and syphilis at any health center. They are completely free.


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