Gallery of Thugs (Frontera, 5/2/11)

I didn’t miss the wedding. This rogue was arrested because he entered a store to steal extension cords to connect a TV, but when employees caught him, the furious man grew angry and began to beat up everyone then ran out. Nevertheless, for his bad luck a few municipal police officers saw and caught him. He is Miguel Angel Tirado Rosas, 37. The cords were to connect several TVs, because it did not want to miss the Royal Wedding.

Where’s the pot? Eduardo Gustavo Ramírez Ureña, 20, was arrested by municipal policemen because he was seen making graffiti to a primary school in colony El Pípila on August 16th Street. When he came down from the fence of the school, the uniformed officer couldn’t find the paint, then it occurred to him put his hand into his hair and there was the can (pot) of spray paint.

The Mole. This man was arrested when he made a hole in a hill to hide from the police. He was identified by several residents who earlier tried to steal from a home. The man, Isaac Hernández Quiroz, 52, was in possession of a knife. He said the only thing that I wanted to grab from the house was a new t-shirt.

With a knife in hand and ready to attack his co-worker, police arrested Emmanuel Gonzalez Rodriguez, 35, who said that he lost control due to "personal problems". The detainee is employed in a chicken roasting restaurant in the Macroplaza. It’s presumed that the incident due to someone who didn't like how he cooked the chicken and complained until he lost his head.

The Spiderman of El Pípila. This individual, Abel Villegas Venegas, 42, is an athletic "car dismantler". He was captured by police after jumping fences, roofs and cars. Then the tired "Spiderman of the Pípila", as dubbed by police, was apprehended. It was discovered that he had virtually dismantled a sedan.

Long live the King. Police arrested Martin Valdes Ruiz, 37, on Loreto Street in the southern Buenos Aires colony. In his possession was a knife. Police watched as he waited for a person to pass close then assault them. Police said that after being arrested they investigated the history of the man, because it was presumed that he had been arraigned before. He was "El Rey Feo" (Ugly King) who performed in a Carnival held in our country.

This kid, Angel Alfredo Vázquez Valenzuela, 19, was arrested because he tried to open a Ford Thunderbird parked on the main street in colonia El Florido. The owner of the car told police that he shouted, thinking he was going to run. The scoundrel replied, "I can open any car I want, just watch". His insolence ended because the police arrived and took him.

Master of Disguises. Oscar Antonio Montoya Montoya, 32, tried to escape the law but was found in colony la Sources. He was wanted for a warrant for the crime of theft. Despite his efforts with a moustache of Cantinflas, his eyelashes, the combed hair and big ears, it was not enough to fool the "pepos".


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