TIJUANA BC (Frontera, 5/21/11) - The good boy. As we see it a baby face that wouldn’t kill a fly, maybe a little metrosexual. This scoundrel with the help of two other henchmen assaulted a taxi driver with a gun in the northern zone. He is Jesus Ignacio Acuña Ulloa, 19, known in the underworld as "El chuynacho", who almost didn’t stop for the police officers because he thinks it’s nice to be a bad boy. - The two thugs, Carlos García Rentería, 41 and Santiago Ornelas Bustillos, 32 were arrested because they wanted to steal a fire hydrant located on the Matamoros road. Already loosened, their bad luck when police arrived to see what the thugs were doing. - The capbearer. When this scoundrel said, "I'm going for a drink and will be right back", he did not refer to a few drinks with his girlfriend, but that he was going to steal hubcaps from parked cars. The renegade was identified as Juan Enrique Pérez Palafox, 36, who was captured by security cameras in the downtown area. - The cat. He crawls from house to house in the Matamoros colony. Rather than be arrested, this offender who was entering a home was sent running away by the owner. This villian was identified as José Hermógenes Salmerón González, 40. He already had some things from the house, found in the yard. - Jorge Raúl Ochoa Maldonado, 54, ran like crazy from a self-service store in the downtown area, but was not able to escape. Maybe it was because he was carrying seven cans of beer or maybe because he was too drunk. He did not get away far. Store employees who stopped him said the man continued to steal there only taking bread one day and raw milk the next. - Carmen, I missed the chain. Luis Alberto Gaxiola Narvaez, 27-year-old, started to take a golden chain from a woman walking through Zona Centro, then tried to escape by running and hiding among the vendor stalls. Rather than be scared, the victim followed the municipal police and explained to them what had happened. As well, they managed to catch the bandit along with the chain. The truth is, the chain does not appear gold, but good intentions are what mattered. - The cowboy. As if it was in a film about the "Old West". This Grandpa, Malaquías Aguilar Herreram, 75, left his house firing his gun because he had a few troublemakers throwing stones at his house. The police arrived and after mustering courage, approached the Don, who surrendered peacefully. He admited that what he did was wrong. He also said the “little snots” would think twice before bothering him again.


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