Two Rapes Committed (Uniradio Informa, 10/20/12)

Tijuana, BC – On complaints from citizens, Municipal police captured an individual with an occupation as a bricklayer, accused of raping a minor and also helped a woman who claimed to have been raped by three human traffickers.

Rafael Salas Lopez, 57, was arrested in the colony on March 18, although he committed the crime of which he is accused in the colony Felipa Velázquez, where he worked as a bricklayer in her house. The minor said Rafael seduced her offering her 20 pesos ($1.50 US) in exchange for a sexual favor. When approached he imprisoned and brought her to a room where carried out his misdeed. The alleged perpetrator was transfered to the Prosecutor of the common law.

In another case that occurred in the Centenario district, an officer of the auxiliary police attended to a lady who said she was raped by three men. The victim explained that on calle Sexto, downtown, she was approached by a Honda Civic occupied five strangers who offered her to take to the United States in exchange for $5,000.

She accepted and they took her to the colonia Otay Constituyentes, where three of them violated her, then beat her and threatened to kill her with a firearm and knife. The offenders fled and she asked for the help of an auxiliary police officers, but the attackers were gone.

Police Recover 12 Stolen Vehicles (Uniradio Informa, 10/20/12)

Tijuana, BC – On routine journeys made yesterday and today, Municipal police officers recovered 12 vehicles with theft reports that were abandoned on public roads and some were semi-dismantled

At 5:10 PM on Friday, police located a 1992 semi-dismantled black Nissan on calle Madrid in colony Durango. It had a theft report dated October 15th. A Gold 1996 Geo Prizm, was found on calle Sinaloain colonia El Pipila, stolen on October 17 along with a blue 1985 Nova on calle Cochimí in Cologne Herrera. On Avenida Socrates in Cologne Camino Verde, they recovered a cherry 1991 Honda Accord with California plates 5ZDD710. In the same colony, there was also a black 1989 Honda Civic with atheft complaint dated October 16th and on calle Mariano Abasolo in colonia El Pipila, a red 1991 Honda Civic was recovered. A 1997 white Dodge Ram pick up with Baja California plates BN99196 was abandoned on bulevar Gustavo Díaz Ordaz y calle Loma Alta. And on avenida Los Pinos in colonia Pinos de Nares, a white 1993 Nissan pick up stolen yesterday was located. On calle Mármol y Pericué in colonia Guaycura, they found a gold 1993 Honda Accord, that was semi-dismanteed. And on calle Tijuana in colonia Sepanal, a white 1994 Dodge Ram Pickup with plates BP332767, that was recently stolen. Another truck with a report of theft yesterday was a 1993 Nissan Sentra with Baja California plates BBU7275, left on calle Corregidora in Colonia Villa Fontana and located at 10:45 PM. Finally, a black Mazda with registration 3VBX983, stolen on October 9th, was recovered in colonia Buenos Aires Sud on calle San Marcos at 2:25 AM today. The Secretary of Municipal public safety (SSPM) recalls that the 20th City Council offers citizens their assitance in retrieving their stolen vehicles, provided they have submitted a timely report to the Public Ministry of the common law and fulfill the requirements established in the Norma Técnica number 22, issued by the City Comptroller.


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