Observatory Citizens Rate Municipal Police a “6” (Uniradio Informa, 12/9/12)

TIJUANA, BC - The Observatorio Ciudadano (Observatory Citizens) of Tijuana are trained with the necessary tools to aid with programs for prevention and safety in the city, said Guillermo López Ley, an Observatory Citizen.

According to the results of a survey carried out on indicators of violence in the city, citizenship described the work of municipal police with a “6”.

"2000 respondents, specifically tell us from 1 to 10, they give municipal police a “6” and want to say that it is not enough. I think citizens are regaining confidence and citizens are also doing their job in conjunction with the police", he explained. He stressed that the perception of the citizens to the municipal police is positive. http://www.uniradioinforma.com/noticias/tijuana/articulo163007.html

City Delays Tijuana River Work for 30 Years (Uniradio Informa, 12/9/12)

Tijuana, BC - Invasions of pollution, sewage and garbage in colonia Zona del Rio Baja in the Arroyo Pasteje are a crisis and there is a lack of basic infrastructure and sanitation.

Those who live there ask for ladders until bridges are built to circumvent the sewage. Doña María has had a home here for six years, suffering with these conditions as well as dozens of children and young people. He says that the situation has gotten worse; there are sick people with skin rashes, children with rashes, smells of excrement, water currents draining and instability of the land.

"I live here by necessity. We are willing to pay taxes but give us an opportunity. We want water and drainage, but we meet obstacles, bureaucracy", he pointed out

Rafael Torres, a resident colonia Del Rio Parte Baja requests the government build a bridge to prevent children from walking over the drainage. "Every day we have this. We are asking for the municipality to please help us make a bridge. The children going to school affects us so much. This drainage makes many people ill. We hope you can help us with this", he stated.

Genevieve, who travels daily over these streams of raw sewage reiterates the need for a bridge in the colony. "A bridge to get to that side as I pass here daily. I wet my feet when step and sometimes I go to work with wet pants and there is a lot of vandalism," he said.

A social activist, José Carmen Jiménez says what is needed are solutions to improve their quality of life. "This whole problem has to be solved. What we have done is that search for solutions. As you already heard the residents are saying what is happening, suffering hardships, in need everything, there is no drainage, there is nothing", he said. They live near Parque Pasteje, but you are setting aside the most pressing needs of this part of the community, such as housing.

For his part, the director of the State Commission of Public Services of Tijuana, Hernando Durán, claims to know in detail what is happening in colonia Del Rio Parte Baja, but asserts that it is not in the hands of his unit to provide a solution, since everything is caused by lack of land ownership, its invasions.

He said that in fact, the problem dealing with these people, around 50 families, is that it is a considered ecological reserve of the municipality of Tijuana, because it is a dangerous slope and in the bed of a stream. He explains that the Board of Trustees of the CESPT does not authorize work at that site, nor will they, until it is legally regularized. The body of water captures wastewater from downstream, he explained, and sends it to the international treatment plant. The pollution does not reach the sea. But it affects residents.

The invasion is located in a blind spot of the city. It is near the area of the River most important from a commercial point of view of Tijuana and the road to the airport. It is not in sight at an angle from the nearest roads. Nobody sees it, unless you go to the site, hidden between streets at the end in the lower part of the Arroyo Pasteje. It's a picture of poverty, pollution and urban delay of at least 30 years. http://www.uniradioinforma.com/noticias/tijuana/articulo162969.html


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