MATAMOROS (Expresionenred, Sandra Eunisse Rivera) –Yesterday from 5 a.m. until about 9 o'clock municipios de Matamoros, Valle Hermoso, Rio Bravo and some sections of Reynosa were without electric power. The superintendente de la Comisión Federal de Electricidad, Jorge Luis Morales Vázquez said that it was due to drought as well as a fog bank of that interfered with a 400 Kw transmission line in poblado de Nuevo León. "To restore the service we proceeded to find alternative lines and energize them." During the operation, we could feel another load on the Falcon dam side and began to recover the power. "So that users can have service", said Superintendent. The blackout also stopped water and drainage pumps leaving these towns without water or sewer service. "The Pack 2 powerplant is located in Ciudad Industrial, and plant 1 is in Puerto Rico. Now they are providing 100% electricity, however, the process of restoring water service takes time. By 1 p.m. there will be a proper pressure", said the Manager of the JAD, Salvador Treviño Garza. Only the plant located in la Laguneta still presents problems, affecting 43 colonies. "The JAD is operating pumps at 100% of electric power", said the Junta de Aguas y Drenaje de Matamoros. Since we are using two units, the population will have the services as soon as possible

VICTORIA (Expresionenred) - Nohemí Reyes Castro, Coordinator of the quality schools program announced the call for 2011-2012 participation will be soon. Educational institutions will have the opportunity to again participate, receiving the economic as well as technical-learning supports the program offers. Reyes Castro noted the XIX Reunión Ordinaria del Comité de Administración del Fideicomiso Estatal para Escuelas de Calidad, recently approved the Commission to continue funding of the program. "The quality schools program helps improve the academic achievement of students in public schools. Basic education benefits in the same way. It generates school transformation," said the program Coordinator. She also noted the secretario de Educación, Diódoro Guerra Rodriguez, coordinates resources and support mechanisms to provide educational staff with promoting social participation. A goal is to promote the collaboration of the community within school life. Quality Schools allows the development of successful practices such as the installation and improvement of an educational infrastructure; promotion of school projects that allow the integration of the educational community; equipment, such as computing laboratories for English; as well as classroom courses and workshops for the continuous enrichment of campus personnel. An essential element of the program is commitment. The official said working to provide meaningful learning to the students is the explicit responsibility of teachers, parents and administrators.

MATAMOROS (Expresionenred) – Animals in the countryside of this region are dying at a slow pace by a devastating drought seriously affecting local farmers. The livestock sector is also suffering because of the poor weather. Livestock has no food and the grass was destroyed by a frost that came too late, say farm workers. The little grass that managed to survive below the surface is gradually dying due to the intense drought. The cattle don’t have anything to eat and if this were not enough they have no water to drink. If the drought continues, more animals in the region will die along with those already dying. The farmers in the region have very little hope of saving their animals, because there is no grass and if they get some water now, it may not solve anything.

MATAMOROS (Expresionenred) – Farmers in the region were about to pray for rain as a last resort, because they hope that if in the next few days it rains it could save some of the crops that they have given-up for lost. “This is a sad reality and they know it,” said John Baez Rodríguez, representative of the CNOP in Tamaulipas. He noted that the producers in the northern part of Tamaulipas, have not lost faith and believe that some rainfall could completely change the scene if it occurs in the next few days. Since an intense drought is forecasted, they agreed to do some kneeling and to ask God of heaven to send water so that they do not lose their heritage. Said Baez Rodriguez, “Some farmers have continued to pray and still hope for the miracle to solve the problem.”


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