Mexicali Holds Conference on Basic Education (La Voz de la Frontera, 9/13/12 by Laura Elena Aguayo)

MEXICALI BC - In order to create a place for analysis, discussion and exchange of experiences between supervisors and inspectors of basic education in Baja California, the State education system (ESS) through the Secretariat for basic education yesterday held the first working meeting with more than 200 members of school management teams.

The event, entitled "the impact of the management of the supervisor-inspector school in the improvement of educational achievement: diagnosis and intervention schemes" summoned basic education authorities to establish bases for improving practices and educational outcomes in the State.

During the meeting, Javier Santillan Perez Secretary of Education and Social Welfare, announced that Link test results indicate that Baja California has demonstrated progress in the qualifications, but pointed out there are areas in basic education where there needs to have continued implementation of actions to improve educational achievement. He urged attendees to propose innovative ideas and continue with those who have been successful in improving school performance.

Basic education, Mayoral Assistant Álvaro Miranda said, is the important action of school authorities taking into account three basic elements of educational practice: teachers, students and education content. He pointed out that it is important to make a consensus of educational processes and achievement in the entity, because sometimes the efforts taken in the education sector are carried out in an isolated manner and it is important improve to more than one school per year.

The conferences were presented during several meetings: "Diagnosis and Characterization of management in Baja California: A path towards improving the educational attainment of the basic level schools", by Bernardo Naranjo, Director-General of Project Education S.C.; Methodology of projects towards a scheme to improve educational achievement in the basic level schools", by Juan Gálvez Lugo, Director of educational evaluation of the ESA; "The academic leadership of managers: Curricular themes and social relevance", by Xochitl Patiño Alonso, the State Coordinator of Continuing Education; "Final thoughts and critical path: Delivery of results of Link 2012" by the Undersecretary of Basic Education, Álvaro Mayoral Miranda.

Educational System Delegate Sheyla Dinora Banda Correa and the Director of Control Escolar, Francisco Castro Benitez also assisted at the event.

Another US Fugitive Caught in Mexicali (La Voz de la Frontera, 9/13/12 by Juan Galvan)

MEXICALI BC – Fugitive was accused of fleeing after a casino assault in San Jacinto, California with his girlfriend and was trapped in Mexicali. He was one of the "Most Wanted" by the authorities in the US as a fugitive since 2008. An international liaison unit captured him.

The American fugitive is of Hispanic ancestry so it was not difficult to hide in the region, but justice finally prevailed and Heriberto Anthony Leyva was stopped. He was a familiar face in the "The Most Wanted" program, which aired on television in the United States.

Alfredo Arenas Moreno, Coordinator of PEP International Liaison of the PEP indicated U.S. Marshall had issued the alert for a refugee in Mexicali considered a highly dangerous murderer. With that information, intelligence services were deployed to an operation at noon in the colonia Santa Teresa and managed to locate the suspect by Avenida Angel Flores.

Said person noticed the police presence and attempted to flee but was captured and identified as Heriberto Leyva Anthony, 24, originally from Riverside in California. He confessed to fleeing from justice.

The police chief said on November 5, 2008, Jacinto authorities received an emergency call that indicated that, on the outskirts of the casino, Leyva wounded someone in the abdomen, resulting in death.

A review of security cameras saw Anthony Leyva monitoring his victim for several minutes, then approached a vehicle where he took a knife and stabbed him in the stomach several times. A person who accompanied the aggressor was arrested and confessed that he was with the former partner of Leveya at the casino and that he participated in the attack.


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