El Linea Tijuna TIJUANA - 70 Social programs aimed at assisting young baja californianos will be implemented by the State Government, reported Miguel Angel Torres Cabral, State director of youth. The State official reported, in an interview, doing so would allocate 285,000,000 pesos - more than $24 million, for the needs of boys between 15 and 29 years, known as "ninis" (study or work). This will be implemented in such programs as temporary employment, academics, sports and land reclamation; all addressed to meet the needs of this niche population, stated Torres Cabral. It’s important to recognize the work being accomplished by assisting young people who are out of work and not a student, he stated. The Ministry of Social development, educational system, and Direction of Youth are among the 30 agencies that will implement programs to curb the growing number of young "ninis". A recent population study by INEGI, indicated only 3.6% of boys over 15 years old have no academic education. However, 56.2% have a primary and secondary education, according INEGI information.

El Sol de Tijuana TIJUANA – Today, Municipal police captured a dangerous band of young assailants, including a minor, 16, after a call in the East area of the city. Police reported the arrest occurred at Campos and Amazon River near Capistrano Infonavit. A report to emergency number 066 said there was an assault in the area. The four actors fled in two vehicles, a sedan and a van. Police stopped the van occupied by Abraham Giovanni Sources Rangel, 20, Eduardo Hernandez Caves, 27 and Joshua Misael, 16. They were carrying an AK-47 rifle, better known as a "goat horn" loaded with 13 7.62x39 caliber bullets, a .45 caliber pistol called a "matapolicías" with six bullets, a squadron 9 mm caliber with 6 bullets and an Uzi submachine gun with 17 bullets. The fourth accomplice, Julián Lara Palace, 34 was also stopped at Capistrano Infonavit, without weapons. Witnesses of the crime confirmed his participation. The four are in custody of the Public Ministry on federal weapons charges, while the minor was sent to the Public Ministry for teenagers, where his legal status will be determined.

El Sol de Tijuana TIJAUNA -Yesterday started the 15 day holiday period for 682,000 students from private and public schools, as well as 17,000 education workers in Baja California. They’ll return to the classroom on Monday, May 2. Universities only have one-week rest. The State educational system (SEE) in Tijuana urged the community to perform the "Close, Turn Off and Disconnect" program before going on holiday, which was demonstrated at the Manuel Tolsa Kindergarten. At the end of the present school year, the State General Services (PUESG) has a goal to save 500 million litres of drinking water, through a program of efficient use. The current level of that goal is now at 80%. Six-million kilo watt-hours of electric power have been saved to date, representing 50% of the target, said Ibarra. He added it is important to promote a culture of care for resources, saving water and electricity for the improvement of the environment and the reduction of education costs. Saving allows channeling of resources to the educational infrastructure, which is an objective of the program to be implemented especially at school breaks. Ibarra invited children to make appropriate use of water and light, through three simple actions: close the faucets, turn off classroom and outside lights, disconnect all electrical appliances and lock the door. Schoolteachers and managers can report electrical faults and leaks to the Department of Regulation and Investment or toll free at 01 800 788 73 22.


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