TIJUANA BC (Frontera, Angela Torres, 6/11/11) - A man died from multiple gunshots, received at a tire shop in the Villa del Real development. The incident occurred around 10:40 a.m. in the commercial area on Avenidas De las Aguas and Pizarro. Apparently, a group of gunmen aboard a pickup truck fired shots at the tire shop and then fled. Municipal police carried out a search operation in the area, however there were no results.

TIJUANA BC (Frontera, Angela Torres, 6/11/11) - Around of 200 packages of cocaine and crystal were seized from a house in the El Murúa fractionation, by State preventive police. The incident occurred around 12:30 hours following a public complaint to PEP. Also noted was the arrest of several men.

Tijuana BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Laura Sánchez Law, 6/11/11) - Cases where there are clear violations of human rights in arrests carried out by the Mexican army, as happened to Jorge Hank are common practice among the Mexican armed forces, said local Deputy Francisco Javier Sánchez Corona. The President of the Commission on Human Rights of the Congress of Baja California recalled the Mexican military is the institution that leads in having more harassment of individual guarantees reports in its course of action, from searches, arrests, or simple inspections at military checkpoints. It should be recalled that the legislator, at the local PRD table a couple of months ago demanded an investigation into the death of Mr. Ramón Durán Muñoz, who along with his family was the victim of military operations on March 7, in the village of Maneadero. There military actions apparently led to his death during an alleged inspection at his ranch in the municipality of Ensenada. Another recent case, said the Congressman, was the detention with abuse of power that MEP Claudia Agathon and the Regency of the same municipality, Armando Reyes, suffered. Through a video, it was proven that the military practice an abuse of power at of control and inspection points. "The arrest of Jorge Hank is just one case where the repeated incursion by the army in public security activities that has left much to be desired in terms of respect for legality", he said. Sánchez Corona warned that detention the Tijuana ex-Major was subjected to shows a series of anomalies in the conduct of martial forces, but they are a common practice of which thousands of citizens are objects of the game. The member of the State legislature regretted that the Secretariat of National Defense is interfering between things that belong to other organs of Government, and urged the need to create a consistent legal framework for defining the real powers of the Mexican army. In the current state of law, the activities undertaken by this institution are out of its jurisdiction and therefore violate the constitutional guarantees of the Mexicans. Finally, Francisco Javier Sánchez Corona commented that in the Congress of the State is working to improve human rights of the people. For that reason, a Statewide tour is taking place to meet the concerns of the population and publicize the mandate revocation project, whereby citizens shall have the right to intervene in decisions of the Government.


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