TIJUANA BC (El Sol de Tijuana, Sonia García Ochoa, 6/8/11) - Today kicks off the XII Concurso Hispanoamericano de Ortografía 2011 (12th Hispanic-American 2011 Spelling Contest) at the secondary level - which in Tijuana includes 28,175 students. The event will take place at Colegio Nación Independiente and at the finale; seven students will represent the city at the State-level. Thirty students will participate here seeking to make it to the State contest held on June 13. Students at this stage, first participated at their campus and then throughout the area. César Sánchez Frehem, delegate of the State educational system (SEE), reported in a press conference that this event is essential to promote the correct use of the Spanish language in secondary education. "The intention is to promote the use of the original language by young people because technological resources have led to change, as in the use of social networks as an example". Addition, good spelling and writing are essential tools needed to function better in the professional field, he added. Members of the competition jury are composed of technical advisers, pedagogical specialists in Spanish and graduates in communication. The contest will include the dictation of homophones - words that sound alike but have different meanings, such as: pair and pear, to complete statements. Only words found in the Royal Academy Dictionary of Spanish language of will be considered. Also included will be specific issues related to the standard language, which have been a part of student curriculum since 2006.

TIJUANA, BC (AFN Tijuana, 6/7/11) - On Tuesday, at approximately 8:30 a.m. authorities returned the home of wife María Elvia Amaya of Hank, after elements of the Mexican Army removed him from there on Saturday, June 4. After 20 hours of waiting, the military handed-over the home following a thorough search by federal agents, who reviewed box by box in each one of the rooms of the building, said of the lawyers for the family. As the military left the residence, the staff of security guards, gardeners and receptionists resumed their jobs, said Martina Martinez, spokeswoman for the former first lady of the city. However, she mentioned that María Elvia Amaya was still not back to her home due to her delicate state of health. It is possible another press conference will be called Wednesday to provide more information in this regard.

TIJUANA, BC (AFN Tijuana, 6/7/11) - More than 10,000 people responded to the call of organizers for a march to demand the release of the former Mayor, Jorge Hank Rhon. At a corner Office of the Attorney-General, they yelled their slogans and demanded the return of the employer. However, it seems that with his arrest, Hank Rhon launched his campaign for 2013, because some people carried banners saying: "Hank for Governor" and once again was heard "three-three-three", the classic sign of the "engineer". The State President of the Party Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) René Mendivil, Deputy Gregory Barreto Luna, the former local Deputy Carlos Barboza Castillo, automotive entrepreneur, Caesar Cazares, former Secretary of Public Security, Javier Algorri and other relatives and associates of Hank Rhon participated in the March. Some supporters came from the municipalities of Mexicali, Tecate and Ensenada, displaying banners: "No anonymous calls 3000 miles away" and "No to the violation of human rights". Another claimed that "the anonymous call came out of pine trees". He also noted the presence of transportation workers, Masters of the SNTE, members of the Green Party headed by Eduardo Ledesma Romo "The Pochongo", who is currently a Deputy Federal, and other people who are followers of Hank Rhon - who also aspired to become Governor in the last state elections, losing to José Guadalupe Osuna Millán. "It is a matter of solidarity to the indignation of how a citizen has been charged with the flagrant violation defies common sense. We are demanding total adherence to the law, a process without bias, total transparency", said René Mendivil Acosta, state leader of the PRI. He indicated that this situation could face any citizen, but in this case it's a figure in Tijuana, who was municipal President and that if the authority had any doubt, they should have presented search warrants. "The Hank family would not have refused". We question the statements of Senator Fernando Castro Trenti that this was the work of the Secretary of the Interior Francisco Blake Mora. Acosta Mendivil replied that "it is difficult to think that, being the second on the Board of this country, in an important operation, but he had no knowledge. I can also share that if you had knowledge, what evil has acted in this way." The local MP Gregory Barreto Luna saw the arrest of businessman Jorge Hank as clearly an arbitrary act. "It is the anger and helplessness that we are not heard by the authorities when everyone knows that there are abuses. Then who is next? We must investigate, to stop this," he said. "How many complaints are there against the soldiers? Statistics speak of 1,450 for rape, theft, and robbery", he would add. The President of the College of Lawyers of Tijuana, Tirso Liévano Hernández, said the detention of Jorge Hank was a violation of the law and only one of many that occur in the country. "We believe that they have committed many irregularities with the law. This situation must bring a solution of a judicial nature, which we are sure for our engineer friend". While Juan Manuel Hernández Brito, President of the Association Citizen Initiative (ICI), considers this a matter of circumstances and the act that has brought about the discontent of the people. "The Government ignores demands, the latest surveys of perception of insecurity, the population remains frightened, The Government must understand that it is time to enter a State of law," he said. "In this case, the businessman Jorge Hank guarantees were violated. However, if we are going to discuss other areas, ask retailers how they are being treated. There are times when there are arbitrary notifications". At about 3 p.m. on Tuesday, more than a dozen trucks and three buses crowded with people expressing support to Jorge Hank Rhon, arrived at the Abraham Lincoln monument, located at Diego Rivera Street and the Avenida Paseo de los Heroes in Zona Rio. At 6 a.m., people who work in businesses in the area and organizers of the meeting were already laying blankets and tarps with messages of solidarity for the former Mayor of Tijuana. "I support Hank Rhon" was one the many messages that were on the caravan of vehicles that were stationed on the Avenida. There, Ranier Falcón Martínez, former alderman of PRI, addressed the rally in a Bandstand. According to Municipal transit, they closed six lanes of Via Rapida to Paseao de la Heroes, and from the roundabout at Abraham Lincoln to the junction with Boulevard Sánchez Taboada at Lázaro Cárdenas preparatory, as part of the security operation established for the demonstration. The same officials pointed out that there were no incidents during the massive event, but a lot of traffic chaos for those who traveled through the area. The demonstration was composed of various groups of traders and committees, as well as the Xoloitzcuintles, drawing the attention of the people that took photographs. The contingent walked the roundabouts of Lincoln and Abelardo l. Rodríguez, demanding the release of Jorge Hank, even with a recording that sounded more two hours through a megaphone "Calderón, the village is with Hank Rhon…" "Calderon, don't be a sucker, set Hank Rhon loose ". At 4:30 p.m. and from 6 p.m., the crowd heard the messages of leaders and politicians. To complete group pictures, red t-shirts predominated the crowd with the legend "Todos somos hank" and "I support to Hank".


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