TECATE BC (MEXICANO, Armando ACOSTA ROJAS, 5/10/11) - Municipal agents arrested Sergio Silva Rodríguez, 38, for possession of drugs. The subject was observed during a surveillance patrol on calle Pascual Orozco en la colonia Bella Vista. That led them to notice Silva Rodríguez to be hiding something in his pocket and he behaved suspiciously. Making a precautionary inspection it was found in his pants pocket, a wrapper containing green and dry grass (marijuana). He was secured for transfer to the station and then arraigned before the AMPOC.

TIJUANA BC (ZETA, Luis Alonso Pérez, 5/9/11) – The trials of 21 of the 58 individuals arrested in June 2008 during the "narcobautizo" of the Tijuana Herrera colony, laid out what the defendants identified as abuses and inefficiencies of the police and judicial authorities. They cause innocent people to go to jail and criminals go free. This week it re-emerged in the public light, with the case of Martín Torres Garibay, who was mistakenly accused almost three years ago by the authorities as drug dealer Filiberto Parra Ramos, alias "The dog". This story was given at the presentation of the detainees, not handled in the official gazettes of the Attorney-General when it announced the formal arrests locally. Since its ruling, the Torres lawyer filed an appeal to rule out the testimony of the protected witness and to substantiate his identity. Yet, he was issued a detention order and sent to the maximum-security Puente Grande prison. It is illogical he was acquitted of charges against him. The indictments refer to him as commander of a criminal cell consisting of the 21 men arrested, and all of them remain imprisoned. "They are taking all the evidence to verify that they are innocent, but until this moment there are no answers and it is still a long process. They should already have gone free," claimed Lady Claudia Ibarra, wife of Miguel Calderón Magañaa, one of those who remain imprisoned. Now free, Torres, host of the party, ensures the innocence of the 21 guests, musicians and the ballroom workers, who remain incarcerated in the maximum-security prison defending him on legal charges of organized crime. "All I demand is justice for me and for all those people who are unjustly imprisoned. In August, I was there three years, with my brother. “The Crutches”” noted Torres Garibay, “Raydel Lopez Uriarte, was arrested in February last year.”

BAJA CALIF (ZETA) Military seizures April 28 Tijuana, BC. Elements of the Secretariat of national defense arrested a cell of hijackers and freed two individuals who were deprived of their liberty. The detainees were identified as Jaime Hinojosa Zamudio, alias "El jimy"; Jose Angel Villalobos Medina, "chupacabras"; Nicolás Díaz González, "The saw"; Alice Bustos Castle, "licho"; Migue Angel Diartes Beltrán and Jesús Alonso Oropeza Chaires. During the operation, agents recovered 102 kilograms of marijuana, 2 long guns, a short weapon and 14 rounds. Tecate, BC. Found an ultra light aircraft ready to transport to the United States, 178.6 kilograms of marijuana. No arrests made. Mexicali, BC. Raúl González Díaz was arrested in possession of a short gun, 3 clips and 145 cartridges, as well as $283,300 dollars and 135 pieces of silver and gold jewelry including watches and rings. Paz, BC Sur. Omar Ochoa Bañuelos and Jaime Guadalupe Landero Araque were stopped in possession of two vehicles, 21 wrappers with crystal, 20 packages with cocaine, 37 bags with marijuana, a bag with crystal and a bag with cocaine as well as 44,950 pesos ($3856) in cash. May 2 Guerrero Negro, BC Sur. Seized 4 long guns and 49 cartridges of different calibers. Nogales, Sonora. They seized 9.5 kilograms of marijuana, 3 long guns, 2 magazines and 64 cartridges. Sonoyta, Sonora. Near ranch "El Porvenir", Seized 7 long guns, 3 loaders, 75 cartridges and 4 telescopic sights. May 3 Tijuana, BC. They arrested Ricardo Rom Jr., 24, originally from Los Angeles, California; Jonathan Rodríguez Morales, 24, of Tijuana and Juan Carlos Rodríguez Morales, 23, in possession of 5.2 kilograms of marijuana. Tijuana, BC. They arrested Luis Sources Villanueva, 28, Vladimir Salazar Serna, 38, as well as an individual of less than 17 years of age. They were traveling in a vehicle with 2 handguns, 2 magazines and 14 rounds.


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