I wasn't sure what I'd blog today. For a week, I've put off whether to talk about that 550-pound 14-year-old. Authorities took him away from his mom, claiming she must be a bad parent.

I tried to think of what directions I'd go with that, and nothing seemed to motivate me.

I thought about the seals in La Jolla. That's a debate I've grown tired of, like the cross on Mt. Soledad. It's a debate I've gotten bored with, and I'm on the fence about it. The first few times I heard a news person say "Should the seals stay or go," I thought they were talking about the military in Coronado.

The only thing I know for sure is...if the city is paying $700,000 for recordings of barking dogs, I'm either going to call up and offer my Maltese, at the cut rate of a $500 a day. Or, I'm going to find my old boom box, and order a cassette recording of the dogs barking Jingle Bells. I'll stand there like John Cusak in "Say Anything," and rake in the dough.

Instead, I thought a blog on a lighter note would be nice.

I hate baseball. But a pitcher threw a perfect game. I think only 18 of those have been pitched in the more than 100 years of baseball history.

One by former Point Loma player Don Larsen (in a World Series). Another Point Loma guy (and former Padre) David Wells, was lucky enough to hurl one.

I think it's cool that the pitcher, Mark Buehrle of the White Sox, got a phone call from the President. Even cooler when Obama said in a press conference "You owe that centerfielder a steak dinner."

You see, that guy made a catch robbing a batter of a home run. And I think it's great that he get to share in some of the glory.

Of course, I would've been more entertained if Obama made a reference to race (the pitcher is white, the outfielder is black)...in light of all this recent controversy.

I think because this catch saved a perfect game, it has to go down as one of the best in baseball history. And, this made me think of my favorite plays in sports. Now, I'm not talking about moments. There are a lot of things like the Miracle on Ice, or Joe Louis beating Max Schmelling. Or seeing the old Satchel Paige sitting on a rocking chair in the dugout, finally making it from the Negro Leagues to the majors. But, I'm talking about specific plays.

I loved the catch Willie Mays made, over his shoulder, then making a throw while losing his cap. What a moment.

I loved Magic Johnson making a baby-skyhook over the Celtics, to help the Lakers win the NBA finals.

I loved Roberto Duran saying "no mas" after taking a beating from Sugar Ray Leonard.

I don't know the sport well enough to remember her name, but that gymnist snapping her ankle on a land, and trying to stand up perfectly, before being carried off (and winning the gold).

Michael Jordan dunking over Dikembi Mutumbo, a 7'5" center that had a habit of sticking his finger out after blocking someones shot. Jordan promptly stuck his finger at Dikembi, drawing a technical foul.

Julius "Dr. J." Erving making a reverse lay-up on the Lakers, where he is behind the basket, and seems to defy gravity as he makes numerous moves with his arm, before getting the ball into the basket.

I loved being bored at my grandmothers house one Sunday afternoon and watching on her tiny black-and-white TV, as Steve Garvey hit a home run that sent the Padres into the World Series for the first time.

The Steelers "immaculate reception" was nice, but I was young when it happened and didn't fully appreciate it. I think I liked Mean Joe Greene handing a boy his jersey just as much.

And I've seen so many catches in the NFL that blow me away (the one that comes to mind now is Randy Moss, who then made it to the 2-yard line. And right as he was about to be tackled, he tossed the ball over his shoulder, without looking, at another player that got into the end zone.

These are all moments that are on the top of my head as I write this. I could probably name 100 others. And it's why I can't understand someone that hates sports, or doesn't understand why we love it.

I want to hear some other peoples favorite sports moments.

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rickeysays July 24, 2009 @ 11:49 a.m.

This is a pretty good list of moments. The gymnast making the vault and landing on her broken leg, because the team needed her, is maybe my most inspirational. Here's another one. Even though I'm a Padre fan, and therefore hate the Dodgers, when an injured Kirk Gibson came out of the dugout to pinch hit, and hit the winning homer off the unhittable Dennis Eckersley. That was pretty phenomenal.


Josh Board July 24, 2009 @ 11:58 a.m.

Dang it. I hate baseball, so I'm only vagualy familiar with that moment. I believe I remember Gibson hobbling around the bases.

Regarding pitchers...I'm guessing the worst moment, for any PETA member, is the intimidating Randy Johnson throwing a fast ball. Not for a strike. Not for a ball. But for a fowl. It made contact with a bird that picked the wrong time to fly into the field...and it exploded into a furry of feathers.


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