In The Reader is a blog by Daily Crasher (2/25/09) wherein he lists his favorite sports movies. So, I decided that was a good idea for me! Mr. Crasher likes boxing movies. Since I particularly dislike the concept of two men, in a confined space (ring), trying to knock each other out, I prefer Baseball movies. You will note that I did include a couple of boxing movies.

  1. Field of Dreams This is just the perfect movie with the perfect cast, for a baseball fan. Best line: "Is this heaven? No it's Iowa".

  2. Major League Only the first one. It's a great "root for the underdog" theme and Cleveland is perfect for this.

  3. For Love of the Game Just a good movie about a pitcher's last game.

  4. Miracle I love the Olympics and I even had the folks in a bar in Orange County watching hockey on TV. And joining the chorus of "U S A". Perfect.

  5. Bull Durham This is basic, down to the core, baseball, groupies and all.

  6. A League of Their Own These women played baseball and thrilled the fans during wartime. Best line by Tom Hanks, Manager: "there's no crying in baseball".

  7. Caddyshack Definitely not baseball, but one of the funniest films ever.

  8. Bang the Drum Slowly A good ole tear jerker about a dying baseball player, the rigors of the game, and friendship.

  9. Pride of the Yankees The story of Lou Gehrig and his battle with a fatal disease. The Gary Cooper portrayal of the farewell speech is masterful

  10. The Longest Yard (Burt Reynolds version) is a clever, funny, football movie.

  11. White Men Can't Jump This is a funny movie about basketball. I absolutely disagree with Mr. Crasher about Rosie Perez, she got on my nerves!

  12. Brian's Song A football movie about a dying player, but this is mostly about friendship. Have kleenex on hand.

  13. Cinderella Man Though I hate boxing, this is a well acted underdog story that takes place during the Depression. Uplifting and poignant.

  14. Remember The Titans Football and integration and how one coach makes it work.

  15. One Day in September This is a movie with the Olympics as a background story, Munich 1972. Enough said.

  16. Sea Biscuit This is about a young man who truly believes in the ability of a horse and his struggles to prove it.

  17. All The Right Moves A young Tom Cruise playing football, getting a girl pregnant and the lessons learned.

  18. Rocky (first one only) I remember going with my sister, a Sly Stallone fan. Again, I watched my feet during most of the boxing, b ut I did stand and cheer with the others in the theater. Yo Adrienne.

  19. Tin Cup A clever, entertaining movie about golf when golf is not a particularly entertaining sport. Cheech is perfect with Costner.

  20. Eight Men Out The heartbreaking story of the 1919 "fixed" World Series.

  21. Mr. 3000 Bernie Mac does a great job in his effort to return to baseball to get one more hit because of an error in record keeping.

I cheated and gave 21 instead of 20. These are not in any real order. But, Field of Dreams is one I watch once in awhile. This was fun, finding the movies I really enjoyed. I suppose that if you are a boxing fan, your list would include more of those movies. But, I love baseball.

So long

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Josh Board Feb. 25, 2009 @ 4:30 p.m.

Nice blog, Auntie.

I love that line about Iowa, as well. But, as much as I love Ray Liota (so amazing in Goodfellas and Copland), he was just a bit too creepy as Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Major League was only mildly funny, which is a shame. Great cast and good material to work from. It coulda been a contender (said in my best Brando, semi-boxing On the Waterfront, voice!)

A League of Their Own was good.

Regarding White Men Can't Jump...Rosie's character was supposed to be a bit annoying, now that I think about it.

Cinderella Man. I plumb forgot this gem. I cried my eyes out when he goes into the bar and begs his friends and co-workers for money, so he can get his kids back.

Eight Men Out -- Always wanted to see it, never got a chance to. That story of the Black Sox is so interesting to me.

Mr. 3000 looked funny, but it got crap reviews, so I didn't bother.


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