This is in Voice of San Diego, written by Tom Krasovic 7/12/09: There may not be a less-talented team in the major leagues today than the San Diego Padres.

Tell it like it is. Last, I would advise the Padres to shoot straight with their fans. They deserve it. It's a pretty understanding baseball market, one that sent two million fans into Qualcomm Stadium in 2003, to see a 98-defeat club in the franchise's fifth consecutive losing season. If money is tight and miracles are needed to reach the playoffs before 2012, it's better to give fans a realistic take.

One of the Padres organization's major problems has been communication. They don't think. I must assume they are unaware of the fact that attendance is what fuels everything.

The organization is top heavy (less so than with Sandy Alderson). But, the things the fans care about tend be at the bottom of whatever pile they are working on. For instance, one BIG change this year was printing the season ticket holders' price on their tickets. They had always printed the actual gate price before. If a ticket is listed at $40, the season ticket holder discount could be $8. So, the price on the season ticket is shown as $32. BUT, if the ticket is turned in, the Padres sell it at $40. Another issue, I wanted to buy a single ticket for an upcoming game. I called the box office, found a good seat, and was ready to pay when the guy told me there was a telephone charge of $3.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is in addition to the already ridiculous service fee of $7.50. I waited until I could go to the box office and got it for face value. These little jabs like $2 more for a ticket bought on the day of the game, and who the heck came up with this Premium game concept? All to try to make a few bucks.

The concession stands have improved slightly since opening day in 2004, but not much. Prices are outrageous. The last Thursday day game, there were no hot dogs on the Upper Deck, in the 2nd inning. It is 2 for 1 day, and has been that way for years. Not a new concept. Obviously the vendor operators forgot it was Thursday. Somebody get them a calendar!!!!

Then we have the Compadres Club which has been in operation for many years. While at Qualcomm, the rewards were pretty good, T-shirts, bobble heads, hats, pins, etc. And, all we did was sign up. Now it costs a new participant $10, which might be more than the "gifts" are worth.

The bottom line for this organization is to make things palatable for the fans. So far, they have failed to do so. It is like the people who pay and are loyal, and come to a lot of games, are the ones that get ignored. Only recently, the Pad Squad made it to the Upper Deck. No big deal? Ask the kids who love to see the Friar & that dog & cat.

This is from Sports Business Daily, "The Padres are "studying rewards models akin to those used by airlines, including speedier trips through security," . " But the Padres said that their season-ticket sales are "off about 20%,".

Have you heard of the promotion, buy a jersey, get 2 tickets? Supposedly this was an MLB driven deal.
BUY A JERSEY, GET A TICKET: The AP reported MLB has a new promotion: "Buy a replica jersey this season and receive two tickets." MLB Manager of Business PR Jeff Heckelman said that 25 of MLB's 30 teams are "participating in the ticket promotion," while the five others, the Red Sox, Cubs, Mets, Yankees and Blue Jays, are "giving GameTime watches instead of tickets" (AP, 4/29).

I checked the MLB shop and did not see anything like this. Although they are touting everything as discounted.

With all of the things wrong in baseball, it is still deep in my heart. I LOVE BASEBALL. I have been watching the game since we got our first TV, maybe 1952??? Unsure, but that is close. And, I am well aware that common sense is not common. After all, I can go to a Padres game and see that proved over & over & over again.

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