I really can't figure the news out. Usually I understand why they do what they do.

But, I couldn't figure out why Larry King dropped Steve Carrell as his guest, for "breaking news" that Al Gore was going to endorse Obama. Really? This is news?

All the TV stations acted like this was the biggest news in years.

Who did they think Gore would endorse? He's a democrat. He cares about the environment.

Now, had he made an endorsement when Clinton and Obama were battling, that would've been huge. But now? It's hardly news.

The Hulk Hogan story, to me, continues to be news. Not only because that family continues to say crazy stuff...but now, it seems the family of the Iraqi soldier that was injured in the car crash is now making threatening phone calls to Hulk. I'm sure that won't be hard to trace back to the source.

Oh, another event that I'm not sure why keeps getting covered. The death of Tim Russert. He died young. That's sad. He was a great journalist. Okay. But, do we need to have the news shows spend four straight days on it?

Sydney Pollack, one of the greatest filmmakers of all-time, was briefly talked about. Yet, we go on and on about Russert. I don't get it.

My mom pointed something out, too. They talk about what a great guy Russerts dad was. He worked two jobs. He was a garbage man that had 10 kids. Well, why don't we ever hear about his mom? She had to raise 10 kids. Yet in all the interview clips you see of Tim, all he does is praise his old man.

At least if I die, there will be no blogs of me praising my dad. He bailed on my family when I was four. And he stayed out of my life. My mom...well, sometimes I praised her. Sometimes I make fun of her. It's a mixed bag.

Anyway...back to the news. If they've spent the last four days on Tim Russert, I'm just wondering what happens if Dan Rather dies. We might get a Monday off from work.


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