So, Madonna has a concert the other day and during a song called "Get Stupid" she shows pictures of John McCain and photos of Hitler.

Of course, Democrats won't get upset over this. When, in fact, everyone should be bothered by this.

I remember reading years ago, someone compared George W. Bush to Hitler. I found that disgusting. I mean, seriously. To not agree with someones politics, and then compare them to Hitler. And, don't even start talking about all the people that died in the war. It's completely different.

Now, had Madonna showed pictures of Bush during a song called "Get Stupid," that would've been perfect.

I heard that McCain commented on this on The Tonight Show. I think he should've said, "Hey, I hear Madonna and Guy might be getting a divorce. And she denies that, yet hangs around with a good-looking baseball player. Maybe she should worry more about her own life." Of course, that would seem childish of McCain.

But singers (and I use that term "loosely" with Madonna, who lipsynchs), they have to get a clue. Streisand got booed when she went on about how much she hated Bush. She then cursed out her fan.

Linda Rondstadt, here at Humphrey's a few days after her rant in Las Vegas caused controversy, said similar things at the Shelter Island venue.

Now, the Dixie Chicks comments didn't bother me as much. They just said they were embarrassed to be from Texas, the same place as Bush. It did bother me that they said that in another country. But, whatever.

I think singers don't realize that, we come there to see them perform. Not to give us their 2 cents on politics (which is also usually always way off anyway).

If you go to see Madonna, you want to see her tongue kiss Britney Spears like she did on the MTV awards. Not hear her opinion on politics. Hell, she lives in Paris anyway, doesn't she?

I've brought this up before, but I never get tired of saying it.

When Sheryl Crow was telling everyone to conserve, and she brought up how you could use "one square" of toilet paper...she then played a show at Copley Symphony Hall downtown. She had three tour buses, and three 18-wheelers.

Let's not even get started on Al Gore, and the electricity bill he has at his house. Or the private planes he takes just to meet people for lunch in a different state.

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