So, NBA star Carmelo Anthony got arrested for driving drunk at 4:00 a.m. the other day. This after he one of his games, and while the team still had one more game left in the regular season.

Now, an athlete making the news for something like this, doesn't surprise me. What did surprise me, is that his fiance refused to bail him out. So, he had to spend the night in the drunk tank.

I have to wonder a few things. When he gets out, is she still his fiance? Or, did she have reasons for not bailing him out? Perhaps he's done this before. Maybe he was out with other women.

It amazes me that anyone would drive drunk, but as I said when San Diego Charger Foley got shot after his last episode -- athletes can afford to get drunk, and then call a limo to pick them up. Or a cab. Hell, they could probably just raise their hand in the bar and ask for a ride, and people would be jumping at their feet.

Now, someone that's a working man...he is thinking that a cab is too expensive. He then realizes he'll have to go pick his car the next day. And, even though that doesn't justify risking your life, or more important, someone else driving that isn't under the influence, it at least makes more sense than a rich athlete.

Now, this woman in Oceanside isn't rich. But, she's a real loser. Like Foley, she had a cop fill her full of holes.

I have heard two sides on this debate. Some say she shouldn't have driven drunk, but it's worse that the cop shot her.

Others say the cop was justified.

I think two things should happen in this case. Neither of which will.

That officer should never be allowed on the force again. His wife had already called 9/11. And, his life wasn't in danger. He was angry the woman yelled at him, cut him off, and was now tailgating him. But he went into cop mode; where they are always right. You do exactly what they say, blah blah blah. But, he's off-duty. And, sure, their job doesn't end when they punch out. But you don't unload your gun into a car. You could hit an innocent bystander (in this case, her 8-year-old son). This guy, with those actions, proved he isn't suited to wear the badge.

The other thing that should happen -- This woman should have her kid taken from her.

Let's look at the facts. She had a .15 alcohol level. She had marijuana in her system, and a pipe on her. And, she was driving with a suspended license. Oh, and she was tailgating/yelling/and ramming her car into another drivers vehicle.

These actions show she doesn't make the proper decisions regarding her child.

If we can raid these compounds that have polygamists, and we can send cops out when a child is spanked in a grocery store....we can surely take this womans kid without Gloria Allred riding into town looking to make millions.

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Ponzi April 16, 2008 @ 9:45 a.m.

Agreed 100%

She needs treatment for sure. After a third DUI conviction there's a mandatory 180 day jail sentence, plus I think she had a prior felony child endangerment from her previous DUI, so with another child endangerment and DUI she's probably looking at some serious jail or prison time. So her son is probably going to be in the fathers custody.

On the other hand, off-duty Frank White pulled into Lowes after about 200 feet of her following him (after she pulled out of the McDonalds in the Lowes center). So in the report it makes it sound like he was being followed and yelled at for miles while he drove down the road, when in fact he was only followed for about 20 to 30 seconds before pulling into the parking lot. Then he never talked with her or displayed a badge. He pulled his gun and fired shots at her car even as she retreated.

The Lowe's center is a block off of Mission Ave and a little over a two minute drive to the Oceanside Police Headquarters on Mission. He could have driven to the OPD HQ's or waited around the Lowe's center. Either way, like you said, they would have been there in a minute or two. Surely a trained police officer could evade a drunk driver for a couple of minutes?


Josh Board April 17, 2008 @ 9:47 a.m.

Exactly. I've said before, sometimes the cops do something wrong. But, it doesn't warrant her getting millions out of this. Just like the cop in the Foley case. He ADMITTED thta he never showed his badge to Foley (he should at least get credit for admitting thta). And, he fired a "warning shot" which is not procedure.

The police should offer to settle with this woman, for $100,000. And, they can tell her lawyer "If you want anything more, and decide to go to court for will cost you so much in legal fees, and we can bring up so much of her past history, a jury might not award her a single cent."


vjhernandez May 23, 2008 @ 6:19 p.m.

Drunk Driving. I am a traffic school instructor, but that is not where I hear all my drunk driving stories. I mostly hear them from the nightly news friends and co-workers. Drunk driving is a serious crime, even when there are no apparant consequences.

When a person is convicted of drunk driving, this costs thousands of dollars in fines, court ordered classes, traffic school courses, safety driving courses or defensive driving courses, not to mention attorney fees.

I had a friend that would tell me stories of an associate of his that had 5 DUI's and still had his license. One evening he decided to make a food run while drunk and ended up at Del Taco in Costa Mesa. He drove up to to order window and ordered his food. A few minutes later he woke up to the police knocking on his window. He had fallen asleep, and the police were a few cars behind. At the time when I heard this story I laughed, but he is in prison now, and no one is laughing.

Be Respsonsible, Drive safe, drive sober.


vjhernandez April 7, 2009 @ 12:10 p.m.

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