Someone sent me a photo that showed former Charger Steve Foley being held back by his mother in the court room, as the cop that shot him walked in. How funny would it have been if the bailiff then drew his gun and shot the guy? In my eyes, it would've been justified. This is a guy that has a history of charging (no pun intended) people.

And, how good a player could he have been if his mother was able to keep him held back? Although, a few Charger players testified on how great he was.

And by the way, why were they allowed to testify on how great a player he was? Did we have the bouncer testify on how he got punched by Foley once? Or any of the other cops that had run-ins with him in the past?

Don't get me wrong, this cop did a lot of stuff wrong. But, hearing that Foley got a big settlement irks me. Think about all the people that lost members of their family to a drunk driver. And, this guy had driven drunk before. And for driving drunk, and getting shot by a cop, he probably got well over $10 million dollars.

I hope he walks with a painful limp the rest of his life.

And, I hope the cop that shot him loses his job.

I can't really write any more on that's just too frustrating.

Oh, I heard that 600 Starbucks franchises are closing. Now there's a surprise. I mean, maybe if they weren't located on every corner.

I remember when the girls of Starbucks appeared in Playboy. A few from the Mira Mesa location made the magazine. I never did make it in there to check them out.

The last time I was in a Starbucks, I bought a White Stripes CD. It was last Christmas, and someone had given me a gift card for $20. It was perfect. I had the opportunity of getting a CD I really wanted, or a small coffee. An easy choice.

I remember comedian Jeanine Garafallo (I'm sure I butchered the spelling of her name)...back when she was actually funny. She said that she went to bed one night and when she came down stairs they had built a Starbucks in her living room.

I remember a magazine a few years back taking a photo of a Starbucks that was built on a corner that had another Starbucks on an opposite corner across the street.

I wonder where all the wannabe writers are going to go. The ones that sit in there with their laptops, because it just wouldn't look cool to do their writing at home. They want you to see them working on their novel. They want you to ask them what they're working on, so they can say, "Well, it's a play... a bit like 'Waiting for Godot'..."

I always wanted to pour my coffee on their heads.

But it would be a waste of $20.

More like this:


Ponzi July 3, 2008 @ 9:10 a.m.

Mansker was not a cop for all the other departments that he applied to. Why Coronado accepted him is going to be their question for years to come as their insurance premium is increased for this claim.

Manker needs to man-up and resign. Or the Coronado Police Chief needs to take charge and fire him.

Then MADD needs t be asked if they still think Mansker is "DUI Officer of the Year" because the trophy they gave him is going to be sitting in his locker in the dressing room at Big Lots.

Then Bonnie Dumanis needs to be asked why, with even such an obvious case, she continues to dismiss every police shooting as "justified."


towelheadedcameljockey July 3, 2008 @ 9:40 a.m.

I agree that it is idiotic on his part to taunt Mansker by starring him down and disobeying requests to go to the judges chambers for a cool down. I don't see why they just didn't hold him in contempt of court. The whole case is ridiculous on so many levels but what I find most asinine is that Mansker hasn't been fired.

Regarding Starbucks, I've heard that in addition to closing down 600 stores, they're opening 200 new ones. One of which is being built in a grocery store down the street from me. So net 400. Which means 2 on every block instead of the current 3.


Josh Board July 3, 2008 @ 10:08 a.m.

I don't mind MADD giving him that award. Heck, he should get the lifetime award from them. Apparently, on his own time, he followed "drunk" drivers around. The problem is, he'd also follow, and call in, people that WERE NOT drunk (so it came out in court). He also did things that weren't policy policy.

I actually like when cops are cleared in shootings. Not just because I have a handful of friends that are cops. But, because I think they have a tough decision. I mean, have you ever watched one of those video shows? You see some crazy person that is pulled over, and you wonder why the cop doesn't just start shooting. They are trying to talk reasonable with a person that is out of it, then that person lunges at the cop and tackles them and is going for the cops gun. It's these types of situations officers are involved in. And, all we do is Monday morning quarterbacking when an officer shoots and is "wrong".

To me, if you are pulled over, and don't do things properly, the punishment SHOULD BE, that you could be shot. And, the officer SHOULD BE cleared. Most times.

But, not this time. Because, this officer had so many chances to not be in this predicament. And now, he cost someone (taxpayers? insurance? Coronado police department?) millions. So...the only choice left is to fire him.

In regards to him having applied to other police agencies and not being hired, I think that coming up is irrelevant. Think about all the past jobs you've had. Think about when you were suspended from school in 9th grade. Should all that come up with your current boss? And besides that...we don't know WHY he wasn't hired. Was he not hired because he didn't pass the pyschological evaluation? Or, was he not hired because they just weren't hiring at that moment?

I have a friend that's a teacher, and often times he faces things like that. He's at a different school each year. In job interviews, it sometimes looks bad.

So, we can only judge Mankser on this one case. And, on this case, he failed miserably. So, dismiss him. Or, keep him employeed. And, keep docking his pay....until the amount of Foleys settlement is paid off.

Of course, then you open a big can of worms, any time someone goes to fight him in court, because he has that negative attached to his name.


NachoDaddy July 6, 2008 @ 5:49 p.m.

I think the entire country, at the exact same moment, pulled out their calculators, and figured out how much $4.85 per day came out to per year.

For something they could make for a dollar a week at home.


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