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Question for debate: which ship takes more abuse, the Enterprise or the Millennium Falcon?

I liked Star Trek Into Darkness. I liked the back-and-forth between Kirk and Spock. I liked the chilly superiority of Benedict Cumberbatch's character. I liked seeing the Vulcan nerve pinch show up at a key moment. So sue me. It's refreshing to like a blockbuster this much.

Sadly, Scott was not quite as thrilled by The Iceman. Still, it's Michael Shannon as a loving family man who kills people. A lot. Did we mention Michael Shannon?

Scott also had a kind word for The Brass Teapot. Vengeful Hasids! Self-destruction for the sake of cash!

I don't how it is that I haven't yet seen Stories We Tell, but I'm curious, to say the least. I'm into stark self-examination that way. As long as other people are doing it.

Hey, did you hear the one about the vampire who falls in love with the human, except this time the vampire is the chick and the handsome dude is the human and it's called Kiss of the Damned instead of Twilight? Yeah, well there's that.


In Pieta, the merciless truth gets revealed!

In Black Rock, three women discover the power of friendship!

And in Erased, Aaron Eckhart and Olga Kurylenko do the "innocent agent gone rogue" thing!

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