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Really, y'all should be reading Scott's entire interview with the great Michael Shannon here. (There was almost nothing to enjoy in Premium Rush - nothing, that is, other than Michael Shannon's dirty cop with a gambling problem. And he was one of the great joys amid the many great joys of Mud. Homemade diving bell!) But in case you want to save that for lunch, here's the most important part, which Scott wisely saved until the end:

Michael Shannon: In terms of my career, will my career be affected by that? I’m willing to do anything. If someone wanted to cast me in The Smurfs Part 4, if they gave me enough money I would do it. It’s not like I’m on some mission to scare the shit out of everybody. You send me a script, it’s decent, and you’re willing to pay me enough money, I’ll do it.

I'm starting work on the treatment now. But in the meantime, here's a teaser photo:


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