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With Valerie Scher's superb Casablanca quiz still buzzing in our minds, why not complicate your lives even further with another round of the Title or Trailer Game?

The rules are simple. Below are two title cards. One hails from the opening credit sequence, the other belongs to the film's coming attraction. It's up to you to determine which is which.

Consider this a warm-up for The Big Screen's upcoming one-year anniversary party, complete with a live trivia contest (at a soon-to-be-named venue) and loads of neato prizes to win. Watch this space for the time, date, and location.

1a.) Image

1b.) Image

2a.) Image

2b.) Image

3a.) Image

3b.) Image

4a.) Image

4b.) Image

5a.) Image

5b.) Image

6a.) Image

6b.) Image

7a.) Image

7b.) Image

8a.) Image

8b.) Image

9a.) Image

9b.) Image

10a.) Image

10b.) Image

11a.) Image

11b.) Image

12a.) Image

12b.) Image

13a.) Image

13b.) Image

14a.) Image

14b.) Image

15a.) Image

15b.) Image

16a.) Image

16b.) Image

17a.) Image

17b.) Image

18a.) Image

18b.) Image

19a.) Image

19b.) Image

20a.) Image

20b.) Image

  • Big Screen alerts


Valerie Scher March 20, 2012 @ 5:10 p.m.

Thanks, Scott, for praising my "Casablanca" trivia quiz. Sounds like you're getting fired up for the Big Screen's one-year anniversary party. Gonna give us more hints about the trivia contest?


Colonna March 21, 2012 @ 4:27 p.m.

1a.) Trailer 1b.) Title

2a.) Trailer 2b.) Title

3a.) Title 3b.) Trailer

4a.) Trailer 4b.) Title

5a.) Trailer 5b.) Title

6a.) Title 6b.) Trailer

7a.) Trailer 7b.) Title

8a.) Trailer (?) 8b.) Title (?)

9a.) Title 9b.) Trailer

10a.) Trailer (?) 10b.) Title (?)

11a.) no clue 11b.) no clue

12a.) Title 12b.) Trailer

13a.) Title 13b.) Trailer

14a.) no interest 14b.) no interest

15a.) Trailer 15b.) Title

16a.) Title (?) 16b.) Trailer (?)

17a.) Trailer 17b.) Title

18a.) Who Was That Lady? 18b.) Why Haven't I Seen This Movie Yet???

19a.) Title (?) 19b.) Trailer (?)

20a.) Title* 20b.) Title

I have to keep this one out of the kids DVD drawer!


agent_00711 March 27, 2012 @ 10:40 a.m.

Sorry I'm late to the party. Colonna did a nice job as always, but here's where I got different answers. 3.a)Trailer b)Title 5.a)Title b)Trailer 10.a)Title b)Trailer 11.a)Title b)Trailer 14.a)Trailer b)Title 16.a)Trailer b)Title 18. no clue. a)Title b)Trailer ?


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