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Before you are 15 sets of titles. Your mission is to tell me which of these comes from the finished product, and which one belongs to the coming attraction trailer. Here's a hint: don't let the logo art fool you.

At least this time you can't fault me for using obscure titles. I'm saving them for Round Two.

Let's start with three by Coppola. Good luck!

1a.) Image

1b.) Image

2a.) Image

2b.) Image

3a.) Image

3b.) Image

4a.) Image

4b.) Image

5a.) Image

5b.) Image

6a.) Image

6b.) Image

7a.) Image

7b.) Image

8a.) Image

8b.) Image

9a.) Image

9b.) Image

10a.) Image

10b.) Image

11a.) Image

11b.) Image

12a.) Image

12b.) Image

13a.) Image

13b.) Image

14a.) Image

14b.) Image

15a.) Image

15b.) Image

15c.) Image

15d.) Image

  • Big Screen alerts


Colonna Oct. 19, 2011 @ 4:50 p.m.

1a.) Trailer 1b.) Title

2a.) Title 2b.) Trailer

3a.) Trailer 3b.) Trailer

4a.) Never saw it 4b.) Should I see it?

5a.) Title 5b.) Trailer

6a.) Title 6b.) Trailer

7a.) Trailer 7b.) Title

8a.) Trailer 8b.) Title

9a.) Title 9b.) Trailer or print ad?

I've never seen a trailer for "Manhattan" so I don't know.

10a.) Title 10b.) Trailer

11a.) Trailer 11b.) Title

12a.) Don't know 12b.) Don't know

13a.) Title 13b.) Trailer

14a.) Title 14b.) Trailer

15a.) Trailer 15b.) Title 15c.) Title 15d.) Trailer

Hal Phillip Walker for President in 2012!


agent_00711 Oct. 19, 2011 @ 6:09 p.m.

I concur with Colonna, and will add the following. 4a)Trailer 4b)Title

12a)Trailer 12b)Title

Manhattan, of course, didn't have opening titles, unless you count that sign in lights which appears in the opening montage. Here's a question for Woody Allen fans. After he adopted the Windsor typeface for credits in "Annie Hall", he used it for every subsequent film, except one. What film was it?



Scott Marks Oct. 24, 2011 @ 9:23 a.m.

Sorry it's taken so long to get back, but I am all "festivaled" out. Together, you have once again solved the quiz. As for your Woody query, Agent, I don't know. You'll notice that all of my trivia contests are visual and multiple choice. I stink at Trivial Pursuit. Woody's later pictures don't stand up to repeat viewings. know that it's a film that I've only seen once, because so many of My guess, without Googling, would be "Mighty Aphrodite."


agent_00711 Oct. 24, 2011 @ 10:47 a.m.

Oh, I was just throwing it out there as a fun fact (well, if one has a very loose definition of fun). I gave the answer to it right below the question, I just wrote it backwards.

I've had the great privilege of being in your class back in Chicago, and I am not being at all facetious when I say I consider you a walking movie database, only with more jokes. Challenging you at movie trivia would be like challenging Lance Armstrong to a bike race.


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