I had written a lengthy blog post about why MOS didn't work for me, but decided not to publish it. It deconstructed almost the entire film from a story perspective, and my issues with each story point. But it was an angry and hurt rant, something I'm doing my best to fly clear of. But I'm fine with ending a sentence in a preposition. However, I've been asked for it, so here's a truncated version (if you can believe it).

I didn't like the film. It wasn't full of the trailer's hopeful promise. I've been asked if I disliked it because I'm a comic book fan or hold the Reeve movies so dear. I am and I do, but that's not why I disliked it.

I come at it from a story perspective, not a comic book one. I'm a storyteller-that supersedes all else. And i found the spine of the story sorely lacking. I don't mind deviations from the Superman mythos if they make sense (Red Son and Injustice spring to mind). And i don't mind "dark" versions of lighter characters, if the material supports that. But the plotting and characterizations felt flat and unimaginative.

Unimaginative like Hans Zimmer's atrocious score and, unbelievably, the action. Save the Krypton sequence (with which I still had problems), the superpowered battles seemed uninspired. With all the technology and storytelling aids we have at our modern disposal, the best they could come up with was a slugfest in an IHOP? I'm not going to get into the catastrophic loss of life. But let's let character propel the story. Have Supes, in an attempt to minimize civilian injury, fly Zod into the center of the Earth. Or into a volcano. Or through a black hole. Anything more creative and impressive than an IHOP or the front of a Sears.

Again, it all comes down to story. The given circumstances, the "rules" of the piece, evolved and things failed to make sense. Any opportunity for a shared moment of character growth (Ma and Pa Kent, Lois and Kal in the frozen nowhere) was stymied and hurried along to the next nonsense moment.

I liked Cavill as Kal/Supes. I hope he can pull off Clark- whatever version that may be. Crowe was fantastic. I thought Snyder had some beautiful shots (mostly from the trailer). And I loved going to the fancy Regency San Juan Capistrano theatre (10 buck tix to the first showing in the VIP theatre!).

I'm not looking forward to Justice League. I'm not looking forward to MOS 2. But because I love to love movies, I do have a bit of hope. Or S, as the case may be.

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