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Why I'll be seeing this movie.

Look, hooray for The Hunger Games, okay? By all accounts, it's a better YA buzz than Twilight, and now that Harry Potter is over and Daniel Radcliffe gets to play a grownup (Woman in Black review coming next week), it's clear that the Young People of Today need something to look forward to as they slog through their years in an educational system that will spit them out into a dying world that has no use for them. I get that.

And frankly, I'm delighted that the current iteration of the MTV, microwave dinner generation has things like this - things it needs to wait for and look forward to, as opposed to, you know, hearing about something, downloading it, watching it while simultaneously checking Facebook and Twitter for friends' reactions to it, and then moving on. And I get that pre-release buildup is crucial to Hollywood these days, seeing as how the first weekend is all-important, and seeing as how generally awful and unbuzzworthy many projects turn out to be. (If you turn up the volume loud enough on your hits, people maybe won't notice your flops?)

BUT, just take a gander at this press release:

SANTA MONICA, CA (February 2, 2012) – Today marked another milestone in the countdown to the release of THE HUNGER GAMES. With 50 days to go until audiences everywhere are able to see the film in theaters, Lionsgate® is engaging fans in a variety of ways, including ticket giveaways across 50 websites, the launch of a new movie trailer, and several exciting new announcements surrounding the film.

[50 days until the film's release is a milestone? You can have milestones in a countdown? Giving away tickets and releasing trailers counts as "engaging fans"?]

As of 10:00 AM PST today, February 2, 2012, fans can search for #HungerGames50 on Twitter to find the 50 websites participating in the ticket give-away for the World Premiere of the film, which will take place at LA’s Nokia Theater in the LA Live complex on Monday, March 12th. The digital campaign follows those for #HungerGames100 and #HungerGames74, which marked milestones in the campaign with similar interactive fan activities. Each became worldwide trending topics on Twitter within moments of its launch.

[Sheesh. Catholics spend less time preparing for Easter than this. Knock yourselves out, folks. Get that topic trending on Twitter. By the time the film arrives, maybe you won't be too exhausted to care, and maybe you won't be too buzz-bombed to actually see what's on the screen.]

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