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At least Mel Gibson had booze as part of his defense.

Let's recap. At this year's Cannes Film Festival, Reichsführer Lars Von Trier stunned a packed press conference with the following:

“For a long time I thought I was a Jew and I was happy to be a Jew. Then I met (Danish and Jewish director) Susanne Bier and I wasn’t so happy. But then I found out I was actually a Nazi. My family were German. And that also gave me some pleasure. What can I say? I understand Hitler…I sympathize with him a bit.”

The Danish director of such legitimate masterworks of cinema as The Kingdom, Europa, and Breaking the Waves went on to add, “I don’t mean I’m in favor of World War II and I’m not against Jews, not even Susanne Bier. In fact I’m very much in favor of them. All Jews. Well, Israel is a pain in the ass but…”

His comments resulted in a Cannes-ban. Von Trier later told the Hollywood Reporter that he "was sorry for any damage his comments, which he says were meant as a joke and misunderstood, have done to the Cannes Festival’s reputation." Funny material! Who is his gag-writer, Arthur Butz? I haven't laughed this hard since I heard the one about the myth of the six-million.

Von Trier attended a retrospective of his films at Berlin's Kino Babylon on Saturday and this poor, dumb son-of-a-bitch just doesn't know when to shut his face.

During a Q&A, he was asked about the ban. “There was a point to this whole thing," he said. "I think history shows that we are all Nazis somewhere, and there are a lot of things that can be suddenly set free, and the mechanics behind this setting-free is something we really should really investigate, and the way we do not investigate it is to make it a taboo to talk about it.”

But wait, there's more: “Some German journalists interviewed me, and I told them the French are the real Nazis, and they really liked that." After recently re-watching The Sorrow and the Pity, and listening to several Maurice Chevalier albums, he may have something as far as that last crack is concerned.

One of Von Trier's planned projects is a collaborative documentary with Martin Scorsese, The Five Obstructions: Scorsese vs Trier. I want you to bite him, kick him, scratch him, do what you gotta' do so this stugatz doesn't walk out of the ring alive. You hear me, Marty?

Better yet, walk away. You don't want me to think you really meant that stuff about my people in Casino.

Source: [THR]

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Colonna Sept. 10, 2011 @ 2:58 p.m.

Adolf wants to get his schwanzstucker waxed... that's funny.


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