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Today's festive crop of title art and/or trailer legends yields coke in the budget, coke in the floorboards, a decapitated tourist, vikings, gremlins, a big bad mama (and the even more suffocating Midge), hoofers, surfers, a colossus (and I don't mean La Roberts trying to cram her ego in Wrigley Field), Igby, Shu Qi, a Times Square cowboy, and Rock Hudson as John Wesley Hardin. Your job is to tell me whether the banner art derives from the film's opening (or closing) title sequence or its trailer.

I dedicated this grueling round to my trolley-driving friend, JC and, if I am correct, a certain "Spy Smasher" doubling as Agent 00711, the only two brave (bored?) enough to play along at home.

1a.) Image

1b.) Image

2a.) Image

2b.) Image

3a.) Image

3b.) Image

4a.) Image

4b.) Image

5a.) Image

5b.) Image

6a.) Image

6b.) Image

7a.) Image

7b.) Image

8a.) Image

8b.) Image

9a.) Image

9b.) Image

10a.) Image

10b.) Image

11a.) Image

11b.) Image

12a.) Image

12b.) Image

13a.) Image

13b.) Image

14a.) Image

14b.) Image

15a.) Image

15b.) Image

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agent_00711 Nov. 11, 2011 @ 3:54 p.m.

Since no one else went ahead, I'll jump in. 1a)Title 1b)Trailer 2a)Trailer 2b)Title 3a)Trailer 3b)Title 4a & b) Both are the title at the end of the closing credits. They cross fade from one image to another. 5a)Trailer 5b)Title 6a)Trailer 6b)Title 7a)Title 7b)Trailer (wasn't this one on the previous quiz?) 8a)Trailer 8b)Title 9a&b) Trick question. I don't remember either from the film, so I'll say both are from Trailers. 10a)Trailer 10b)Title 11a)Title 11b)Trailer 12a)Trailer 12b)Title (If I had not seen the film, I would've guessed the other way around) 13a)Trailer 13b)Title 14a)Trailer 14b)Title 15a&b)Both are Trailers?

Thank you for the dedication. It was fun as always.


Colonna Nov. 12, 2011 @ 1:08 a.m.

I jumped in first last time and didn't want to do the same this time around.

I concur with my secret agent friend and his answers. And about that dedication, I haven't driven a trolley in years. I've driven people away for years with my singing.

Mademoiselleeee from Armentièressss, She hasn't been kissed for forty yearsssss, Hinkyyyyy, Dinkyyyyy Parrrrr leyyyyyyy voooooooooooooo.


Scott Marks Nov. 14, 2011 @ 11:38 a.m.

Sorry for the stutter on #7. You're so right about the "Midnight Cowboy" titles, Agent. As for "Mambo," blue = trailer, green = feature. Go figure.

There must be some way to stump you'se guys. Back to the drawing board.


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