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Really, everything you need to know is right here:


But just in case, here are a couple of bonus screen caps from the trailer:


Oh my God - is that my career?


I count two, maybe three sequels.

Actually, it's sort of fun, in a depressing kind of way, to watch this and try to tally up just how many films this one is biting on. The BRAAAAHM from Inception? The quasi-organic metal whip-tail from Transformers? The techno military mojo of G.I. Joe? The invading aliens of Battle for LA and all the rest of the recent alien invasion movies? The crumbling highways from 2012? The blue-light cruisers from Terminator Salvation? Siiiiiigh.

Actually, my favorite thing is the summary accompanying the Play button on the trailer here. "A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origins in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals." Points for the use of "thwart"! Otherwise, that description is pretty much exactly as blah and trite as the trailer.

Final thought: would it have killed anyone to include some plot point that tied the thing to the original board game in some way besides the fact that ships are involved? Some kind of alien targeting grid that had to be hacked into, say? Something that involved shooting at targets you couldn't see, but could try to triangulate? Something? Anything? Never mind.

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