SUCCESS. Trislim has refunded all the money. Initially, the 90% came through. I sent another e-mail about the 10% & $4.95. I got the 10%. I sent another e-mail and finally got the $4.95. I did submit fraud reports and I am hopeful that these schemers will be out of business. I am still surprised by the Oprah photo on the website and no one at Oprah's website has responded to me.

So, a friend wanders over on a Sunday afternoon and we decide to go over to Cafe Chloe (NE corner 9th & G). There were 5 or 6 customers. No one was at the door, so we went in and found a table. A waitress dropped 2 menus on the table. We waited. One waitress went out to say goodbye to a customer, another passed by to deliver water to a table next to us (they had just come in), no one acknowledged our existence though they did bring those menus some time ago! Since we were not in a hurry and my friend had her heart set on the cheese plate, we watched & waited. Finally someone came to fill water glasses, but his pitcher was empty. A waitress finally came over to ask about drinks, we both ordered a glass of wine. Apparently they stomp the grapes in some back room as it took several minutes to get to us. We finally ordered our cheese plate. That was a 12 minute wait and the point of having wine & cheese was gone because our wine was gone before we got the cheese. The only utensil between us was the cheese fork. We did manage to flag done a waitperson to order pistacchio bread pudding. There was no friendliness from a single employee. There were 5 waitpersons (emphasis on WAIT), I floor sweeper, 1 bus person and 1 person at the counter on the other side of the room. We waited 42 minutes for a refill on water. There was no major time delay on coffee. The bread pudding was absolutely delicious. If you have the time, you should try it. I asked the waitress if they shared recipes and the look I got was one of disbelief. Maybe she should get out more. I have recipes from many restaurant chefs. I had been to this restaurant at least 6 times before, but it had been awhile. I don't know if there was a change in management & attitude, but I am not anxious to return. The nicest people we encountered were a couple occupying the table next to us. They had been there only a short time & were eating already!!!!

I am hoping to get back to writing more often. Let's just say I was unable.

I have even missed Padres games!!!!!

So long

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