I met my friend at the Daisy restaurant in the Bristol Hotel. We ordered 2 small (half) salads. When we were served, the waitress brought out 2 large salads. She offered to take them back & dump 1/2! We agreed that it would be better if we just boxed up the leftovers. The restaurant was empty except for us. The waitress was 'hovering' and asked if we wanted more tea. She did bring the check and we paid, but we were still eating. When we were ready to leave, we could not find the waitress. When we got to the entrance, there was a rope in place at the restaurant entrance. We were surprised & then we realized the waitress was trying to hurry us along! All she had to do was come to the table and say the restaurant was closing. We were just talking and could have left. We were completely unaware of the lunch closing time.Food and Fun

Saturday night was a lasagna fest, featuring my own homemade lasagna. 4 of the 6 guests are named Debbie. All their parents must have been Debbie Reynolds fans!!! It was a great evening; eating lasagna, garlic bread, drinking Chianti. Good food and great company really make for a satisfying, relaxing, fun evening. Even my neighbor came over. (For the Christmas party, she had showed up the day after!) And, the cannoli for dessert was qu I am unsure of where a friend bought it. I am pretty sure it was in Little Italy. So, that means all guests got their share (surely their year's worth) of the RDA requirement for Ricotta!!!!

I wonder what is going on at the Ivy. I called on Friday night & again on Saturday night to request that the music be turned down. The music gets much louder at 11 PM (Th, F, S). I was also told by the night manager that "people dance when music is playing". She mentioned that the CCDC letter was only applicable for live music. They have a DJ & they encourage dancing by virtue of the $20 cover charge.

I have not heard anything from the police regarding the bicyclists taking over our streets on Friday (I think it's the last Friday of the month). The Mayor's office indicated there were many complaints/questions about this practice and the e-mails were sent to the police to respond. I am hopeful that this matter gets handled. If the bicyclists are somehow trying to show solidarity & protesting their rights to be on the streets, they are not helping that cause. The Friday night parade includes bicyclists of all shapes, sizes, ages. Many of these are riding unlit bikes. The most troubling aspect is the fact they are darting in, out, around cars, running lights, riding on sidewalks, traveling the wrong way on one way streets, and all the while, the San Diego police dept. allows this activity, even directing cars to stop,

sometimes for as long as 15 minutes.

How about a pedestrian night out?? We could include all who need to learn the laws, especially that jay walking statute. The purpose of such a walk would be to bring attention to the areas of high foot traffic and to make both pedestrians and drivers aware of the laws.

I am starting a new feature in my blog. I will post a

photo and I want you (the readers) to tell me what/where it is. There are no prizes, just the bragging rights for a correct answer. Look for the first photo on Wed.

At 2:00 AM, a "party" bus pulls up just below my window. A group of 15 or so young people got out, shouting & carrying on. They headed south on 9th, left on F. There are no signs, no way to identify the bus company. At 2:05, the bus parked across the street, on the west side of 9th. The persons with the bus do not seem to care if this is a residential area. Those on the bus proceed to empty something on the street. The exhaust fumes are noticeable, even 4 stories high. At 2:35 AM the young people return and the bus leaves.

So long


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