"Election Day Could Become 'Nightmare'". This quote is compliments of an AP story, usurped by AOL. It smacks of irresponible journalism. For years the US populace has failed miserably in showing up to vote. The system is now allowing vote by mail & early voting just to get people interested in elections. The news story following that headline was rather innocuous. But AOL chose the one here to go on their news page. 20 lashes with a wet noodle is not enough. They should be ashamed. Why use the word nightmare?? We need people to vote not be afraid of doing so. Two thumbs down for AOL.

Our economy is going to heck. Now the automakers are talking BIG layoffs, closing plants, etc. About 600 car dealerships have closed their doors this year and there will be more to come. Adding to the lack of buyers is the lack of available loans. Lenders are wary, rates are higher, many people won't qualify.

'Things Are Going Disastrously' 2,000 Auto Dealers May Close Doors. Again an AOL article. The interesting aspect of this headline is that the following was on the same page:

"Chinese Cars Are Coming" New Brands From Asia Will Be Hitting American Showrooms: as a growing economic powerhouse, China is poised to make its mark on the automotive industry. Experts say China may become the leading exporter of cars in the not so distant future.

So, here we go again with the HUGE out of whack trade deficit. Americans are out of work or about to lose their jobs and the US government is going to allow the import of Chinese cars!!!! Where will they put that tag, "Made in China"????????

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