My sense of fashion was assaulted again! I thought & hoped that the baseball playoffs would be on Fox, but TBS is the network of choice for the AL side of things! Speaking of Craig Sager, how you ever seen that shade of blue? And the tie, sort of paisley with several colors to add to the mismatch. I even sent a note to TBS to ask who was in charge of dressing this man. Basebrawl broke out in the Phillies/Dodgers game. No ejections, but I am sure there will be some fines. Didn't you love how the Dodgers players surrounded Manny Ramirez? He is the most valuable Dodger and they certainly do not want him to get hurt.

San Diego Super Chargers was the song of the evening. They played well and beat the Pats (minus Tom Brady).

There is another one of those "do you remember" e-mails making the rounds in San Diego. This last one was pretty good. I did miss one entry. It was about the Pogo comic strip, which I never read. Have you seen the "why did the chicken cross the road" e-mail? It lists some funny, clever answers from a variety of well known people. It is a fun one.

Do you find those TV 'promote your own programs' ads on the screen during another show bothersome? They are distracting and they absolutely disrupt the show that you are trying to watch. The networks need to do some polling and learn what we really think. There are apparently no boundaries as I recall ABC's logo somewhere on the screen at all timesduring the Olympics. And I still hate the running scores or other promotions on the bottom of the screen.

There's a moon out tonight and it is a beautiful globe of light shining over the high rise skyline of San Diego.

Another one of my pet peeves: Christmas in October. Went shopping at Costco the other night. They have a large display of Christmas trees, decorations, gift ideas, etc. It is absolutely amazing that every year the Christmas displays are out earlier than the year before. A few more years and Christmas accoutrements will be out all year long. So, if you start now, you can get those Christmas cards done before Halloween! A note to Pauline, you might have to change your lifelong habit of sending cards the day after Thanksgiving. I still wait until after Thanksgiving to put up Christmas decorations. There was even a time I would boycott stores that had Christmas displays up before then!!! Nowadays, I couldn't shop anywhere! Christmas is a 3 month commercial venture.


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