Sunday night there was a movie on CBS: Jesse Stone, On Thin Ice. This is the 4th in a series adapted from books written by Robert B Parker (author of Spenser). Tom Selleck is Jesse Stone. It was pretty good considering it was a made for TV movie on a network station!

What bothered me was the fact that many of the characters smoked a LOT. William Devane had a cigarette in his hand or mouth constantly. The town council meeting was held in a large room but the smoke was hanging around the table. If you are making a movie about a real person who smoked, then use the cigarettes for that person. I have to wonder what was gained by having the screen filled with smoke? Was there some message? It wasn't product placement money because there was no showing of the packs of cigs. A friend told me they did it just to tick me off! Then, I write about it!

Are any of you getting letters/e-mails from the credit card companies?? I am definitely ticked off at Amex. Opening line of their e-mail, ...."after thorough review of your profile". That is BS. I pay my bills on time, I pay every bill every month, what more do they want?? The credit card companies are in the same boat as the financial "wizards". Now they will be looking more closely at who gets approved. And, when they decide to give you a pretty good limit, BEWARE, they will now want to lower that no matter what has changed. Like with me, the only change is that they have decided to lower my limit! At the same time they are sending me an e-mail, they are sending out thousands of offers to the highly credit worthy college students.

My favorite line was in the New York Times. They were reporting on one bad guy, Citigroup. "some of our country's best paid bankers were overrated dopes who had no idea what they were selling, or greedy cynics who did know and turned a blind eye." That was followed a couple of paragraphs later by, "Citigroup so mismanaged its affairs that it would need to slash its dividend or go bust". Kinda makes you feel all warm & fuzzy about our nation's finance/banking industry, doesn't it???

One other thing, Iran wants an apology from some visiting actors (they are participating in a seminar) because some films were "insulting" to the Irani population. HUH??? Guess no one told them we live in a free country.

So long

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