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Reason for request: Over budget, excessive spending, failure to monitor checking account, credit card debt.

These problems are exacerbated by the high costs of gas, food, utilities, rent. There is also the issue of holiday gifts. The internet provides such a wonderful array of shopping sites, and great deals on all sorts of things. When they offer free shipping, wants become needs. There was a very large increase in the amount of online purchases in the past month.

The Holiday party is much more expensive this year. Anticipated cost estimates (in the budget) were exceeded by as much as 100% on some items. A decision was made to go ahead with the party and forego any thoughts of budget problems until later. The thought process here is if the Federal Government can carry an enormous amount of debt, why not all of us?

The available credit lines were decreased leaving no choice but to seek other sources for borrowing. The problem there is that the interest rates are much higher.

The costs of 25 pounds of sugar, 25 pounds of flour, brown sugar, eggs, nuts, chocolate chips, oats, 10 pounds of butter, 50 eggs etc. to make the holidays more fun and fattening, were higher than budgeted.

The price of wine & champagne was also up this year. Then there are the ingredients for home made egg nog. A decision to buy without regard to whether or not there was money to do so, has added to the already depleted (in fact, empty) bank accounts.

It is quite obvious that the government bail-out program is precisely what is called for in this situation. As for oversight, it will not be necessary as the money will be spent wisely. In fact a "retreat" would be perfect right after the holidays (which is my busy season).

This request is being submitted via California senators, who represent the will of the people, except when it comes to bail-outs. It is the perfect time to jump on the band wagon and get my share. I am confident that Barbara Boxer & Dianne Feinstein will see that this bail-out is necessary to allow me to write more checks, buy what is needed and pay for a much needed vacation (the AIG terminology was "retreat").

I anticipate prompt action as I do not require $800 billion, not even $25 billion. This bail-out could be settled for $10 million. That is such a paltry sum in the scheme of things. It could likely qualify as "pork" and get immediate approval.

I look forward to hearing from Congress, hoping they will approve this right away.

So long

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