I was watching Bill Maher and his first guest was Elizabeth Warren who serves on the Congressional Oversight Panel, charged with the duty of watching our bail out money, but this is done with smoke & mirrors with no real guidelines or authority. HUH?????????????????

She explained, emphatically, that it is "business as usual" at the Big Banks (the ones the taxpayers bailed out). They are doing the same things that caused the financial crisis, there are just fewer players. There are still NO controls. It is patently obvious that our government is beholding to the money that is banked. The banking employees received bonuses for the wonderful jobs they did. Thousands of Americans lost their jobs because of the banks. And now we (I am pretty sure it is not just me) get notices from the credit card (issued by the same banks that we bailed out)companies about changes due this month. The letter from Chase is 6 pages. Fidelity is 4 pages. It is all mumbo jumbo but, I am pretty sure the banks will come out on top.

Somebody needs to WAKE UP CONGRESS. Get some control, regulate the banking industry. Or are you too beholding to them to enact any real change?

Congress needs an overhaul and the only way to do so is for the people to get out and vote. WE THE PEOPLE must accept some responsibility for the mess in Congress. But it is difficult to judge a candidate because of politicking. I never thought Duke Cunningham would be so darn stupid as to think a yacht could be hidden and that he would then cry about it. Seems politicians are getting more brazen in their shenanigans and transparent in trying to hide. The perfect example is Governor Mark Sanford who left the State of South Carolina untended while he was out of the country seeing his mistress. His story to wife & staff was he was going hiking. Talk about balls!!! There are too many stories about the political wasteland, so that's it for now.

As long as I am on my soapbox, I want to ask a question:

WHERE is our President? I know, he is traveling, giving speeches, gladhanding. How about some cheerleading? I almost hate to ask, but he needs to stand up & cheer once in awhile. Not as often or as crazily as the "W" did (May 1, 2003) on the deck of an aircraft carrier, in San Diego, proclaiming the end of a war that is still going on & on).

The bottom line here is that Congress needs to get to work. Stop playing like children. Stop bickering. You are all grown-ups (this is an assumption) so start acting like it. Your inability to accomplish anything is frustrating to the constituency you represent. I have watched the inaction on TV and it looks like a bunch of crybabies. If they don't get their way, a tantrum may ensue. What is so difficult about repealing the "don't ask don't tell policy? Get er done. Grow up and get to work.

The bank regulations need to be a priority. I have already chosen to pay off my credit cards at the current rate and that option includes the discontinuance of the card. Either pay the higher rates or choose not to & lose that credit card.

Another financial issue is Healthcare. I have had a Medicare HMO plan where the premiums were my Medicare fees. No additional monthly premium, reasonable co-pays, a pretty good plan. Now, I am paying $25/month in premiums, increased co-pays, decrease in benefits, especially hospitalization. The healthcare debates in Congress are comical if they weren't such a necessary part of life in America. Even if a bill gets passed, someone will question the wording, someone will challenge the proclivity to do so and there will be the issue of the rights of people to choose their own medical coverage. Whatever is decided & passed will not go into effect for several years. I still do not understand why the proposal by Darrell Issa, to just put everyone on the Federal system that is already in place has not been discussed or considered (at least as far as the public knows). OR The same with Medicare. Put everyone on Medicare, taking advantage of their efficiency and low overhead. The advantage of these 2 plans is that they already exist, they have a good track record and adding people would be a much easier task than to start from the beginning. I can already imagine the bickering and delays as that is what this Congress seems to do best.

So long

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