With the California budget coming up almost every day in politics and the newspapers I have looked at it as the next 9/11. We went from the Feudal Age to the Mechanical Age and are now moving into the Electronic Age. As National future goes, will the State of California go or will California set the way of the Nation?. With new threats in the Mid-East and energy demands rising in the Far East and India, tradition must die in order that great tradition may live on. In 1941 a telegram came from The News Cronicle to the Arizona desert asking for suggestions for the rebuilding of London and San Diego in 2011. Slums and ugliness that would have taken centuries to overcome have been blasted out of the way in a few days and my have to be. We shall see weather England is humanitarian or only English, weather Germany is humanitarian or only Germanic. We will see if Dai Nippon with Shino overlayed with Buddhism with the Sons of Heaven and Count Ito Hirobumi are humanitarian or are only German-Russian-Polish-American. We will see if Russia is the link between East and West or only Russian. We will see if Dr. Ku Hung Ming's China is Mongolized or Korean. We will see if Japan is with Korea or with China or with the Ainu. The Royal White man will be the "white man's burden" , the Empire. Her qualities are good for far more than War and conquest and the conduct of subjugated peoples as long as they are subjected by the British Crown. As Bill Clinton said "we don't want it any-mo, it will become "the great colored people's burden"". The great bomb will end the missery of the slums. Will Jerry Brown be American or only Irish-German?.


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