1. Check your wall board in your home . It may have been imported and destroy your home. Ref: USA Today, 10/30/09 page 1B
  2. What happen to the Ras Tanurah refinery and the S.S. John Barry on August 28 th, 1944?. Why did the Philadelphia Mint strike 3E6 Saudi Arabian silver riyals in 1944?.
  3. Word from South Waziristan. Who was Said Bahaji and what was the Hamburg Cell?. Is the Spanish passport of Raquel Burgos Garcia, wife of Amer Azizi real?. Was Amer Azizi in Al-Qaida, 9/11 and the Madrid train bombings?. Ref: Star Tribune, 10/30/09 page A3
  4. A bit on oil production. North Dakota 6.4E6 bbl/mon, Louisiana 6.4E6 bbl/mon, Texas 32.8E6 bbl/mon, Alaska 21E6 bbl/mon,California 17.7E6 bbl/mon. If this crude oil was refined local and not run through the commodities market we would have less costly domestic fuel !!.
  5. President Obama's $3.4E12 'smart grid' projects are explained very well in. Ref; Star Tribune,11/30/09 page D5 . The rain never seems to stop here. It has been raining for weeks, and the farmers can't even get the corn and soybeans off the fields. California could only pray for this much rain. We have been working hard at Pete & Joy's Bakery and Joy is out of the hospital after heart surgery and a pace-maker. The operation was only 4 hours and she was out and home in 4 days. That is good for St. Cloud hospital care. Well as the Sun Cafe moves on and the Halloween of 2009 goes on, we go on. I just looked out the window as I am writing this and it is snowing now!.

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