I was telling my son about Andy Warhol's declaration that in the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. He said, "who's Andy Warhol?"

I've been in front of a microphone for all of my life, playing/paying my way thru colleges in a band, doing standup while my kids grew up, and now radio here in San Diego. I started performing because girls seemed to like musicians, but also because people paid attention to you. I know that sounds shallow, but it's true. At the heart of why any of us performs is a neurosis that our words need amplification over yours.

Fame however is a fleeting thing, and keeps me working to justify my increased volume. I've been on national TV and heard my songs on the radio, and it's a great feeling. But I've been around long enough to not take it for granted.

I'm not famous by any stretch, but there are enough people listening that occasionally I get recognized. Like the other day this woman asked me, "Are you Chip Franklin?" "Yes, I said, "I am." She tilted her head and then said, "You're an a-hole" and walked away.

I bet Andy Warhol didn't tell you that.



David Dodd Jan. 5, 2012 @ 8:51 a.m.

I played in various bands in college. I did it because I loved music, I never cared if girls liked it or not. I would have played for all-boys schools if that was what was available. I just wanted to make music.

I don't know what it's like for comics. I wouldn't presume to know exactly how every comment you make is intended, I wouldn't know that unless you explained it. But I had an excellent literature professor in college that once told me every word an author writes is intended, there isn't anything there by accident or simply to fill space. As I've grown older, I realize how right she was about that.

I have said this before, and I think it's true, Kurt Vonnegut once wrote something like this and I reckon I've adopted it into my favorite pastime. Kurt Vonnegut said, "We are who we pretend that we are." And I translate that into we are what we write. We are defined by it when someone reads a story or a comment here or anywhere. Then, perhaps, we are also what we say? If that's the case, you have to wear it. I've been called worse without ever having spoken a word.


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