Artists are alive and there is growth here. Every camp I visit seems to have been updated in some way. Fountains are filled and hummingbirds are zipping around. My cats are fully supplied with enough critters to chase for all nine lifetimes. Gophers, mice and voles top their list.

The renovation of my studio/bedroom/loft is coming along. Everything from my cabin has now been relocated to a 2-car garage that is becoming my home. In it, I will start my on-line Master's program. Four cats made the move. Five were absorbed by neighbors who agreed to take them on. Feeding feral cats did not have a downside until I had to give up my home. I took the ones I had given names to (4) and left the rest (5) to the care of friends.

In these past few months, I've been recovering from a back injury and have spent alot of time walking. Since I slowed down, I've noticed one neighbor had created some new sculptures. Another built an incredible rock wall. Everyone seems to have gone through the transition and are now settling in. Home sales appear to be going through so there is movement instead of vacant, dying properties in my neighborhood (Whispering Pines). Homes don't do well without occupants here.

In town, Nick Knacks quietly became Mountain Emporium and is now under new management. A number of businesses went on the market and a few just shut down, like Lew's Coffee Shop. Economic insecurity abounds and alot of businesses could not weather the strain. We also lost Angel's Landing and the feed store is slated to close August 1st.

The 'transition' was an event somehow related to the Mayan calendar and it resulted in an energy shift that changed the order of the circle of life to female/male instead of male/female which it had been for 1000 years. Beyond that, I don't really understand the whole gist of the thing-like how it will affect us day-to-day or if at all.

People from ancient places like Lemuria claim to have knowledge from an earlier time which could help mankind now. I'm not sure what their motives are for bringing such a gift, if that's what it is, and if we are ready to appreciate it. It is the knowledge to save the earth.

Food for thought while we drift through this slow time on the mountain as summer begins to unfold. The Dance is coming up and soon it will be the red, white and blue parade we all love.

Weigh it out for yourself, SD


delmarcy June 1, 2013 @ 6:05 p.m.


You are one of the most authentic people I have ever known. You have value, good sense, & wisdom that only a few can actually recognize, me being one who honors who you are & appreciates the special gift GOD gave us that scares the shit out of every one else. kudos to you my friend. Marcy Rose


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