Leonel Sanchez

Change of plans to minister to a laid off friend

Appreciate the comments and suggestions on self-starting. Since losing my job and becoming self employed I've been staying up late studying and writing and waking up early. Probably would sleep in but I gotta take my kids to school and I don't feel much like sleeping afteward. Starbucks, all over the city, have become my personal offices. It's a good vibe. They play music and I love writing to music. This episode in my life is something I worry about and it's something I romantize also. I'll look back on all this one day. Can't help but compare it to a movie I've been watching late at night during past couple of months. It's called "Blindness" and it's a metaphor for what's happened to many people who've lost their jobs in my opinion. Sorry if I give away the plot and the ending but this is my metaphor. In the movie, people mysteriously go blind from a virus and are quarantined. They're isolated, the same way laid off people are initially separated from the employed. They bond with each other the same way unemployed people do to help each other out. Their goal is survival. They can't see just like the unemployed can't see where their lives are going at first. They even turn on each other because it's all about survival of the fittest. The ending is a hopeful one. The group that stuck together breaks out their prison. The streets are isolated. They make it to one of their leader's homes and start all over. At the end, one of them says 'I can see." His sight is restored. The blindness is temporary. So is unemployment. Don't give up hope.
— October 31, 2010 10:14 p.m.

Let’s Be Friends

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