Having a Baby? It's Actually Been Done Before! (Who knew?)

On another forum I used to belong to, there was a female [skennerl nicknamed her whitefacedpurpledressedbanshee] who married a man who had a cat, a pretty black and white long-haired cat; the cat had belonged to his girlfriend, but she left the man and the cat. This man did the decent thing and took on the responsibility of the cat. When WFPDB met him, she told him she didn't like cats. So he continued to take full responsibility for feeding, cleaning up after, and taking the cat to the vet. They married and eventually bought a house. WFPDB was so excited; she posted on the forum that she was buying all new furniture -- the problem was the cat. She didn't want the cat ruining her new things; she didn't want the cat in the new house at all. She gave her husband three choices: Surrender the cat to the Humane Society, have her euthanized, or force her to live in the basement, and she was not keen on the third choice. Now this woman and I hardly got along before this, but even her friends, nevermind her enemies, were pretty furious with her. She had asked the question in the post if she was mean and evil and everybody said Yes. Apparently she didn't care; the cat was not coming into her new house. Instead what they did was they brought the cat to the new house and let it out into the yard to adapt as it could. Their property backed onto a sort of semi-wooded wild area where animals roamed; naturally, the cat disappeared. She insisted for a long time that "Fluffy" was still roaming around, eating the tuna they would set out for her. Sometimes they would see black and white fur out in the wooded area and were sure it was not a skunk.
— July 11, 2010 7:42 p.m.

Judge Confirms Ruling; Sanders Must Give Deposition

That's only half of the equation, SurfPup. The question is, would the businesses or improvements have happened without SEDC? Highly doubtful. Southcrest and other areas have definitely been improved, and there are more improvements to come; I see that the entire area is coming up, led by those improvements. I think that's where the actual value, or some of it, comes in. Investment seems to draw investment, morale builds upon morale. It is a slow but steady process for the better. Just take Southcrest Trails Park. That was a piece of land that was meant to be part of a new freeway, which the community opposed; the land stayed barren for years. Now SEDC is paying for that park to be built, AND, since it sits alongside Chollas Creek, they are preserving and enhancing the Creek as well. You think the City would ever have done this project? The redevelopment system is not perfect. But it is a far better system than no system, or [in some/many ways,] the open market system. You all love to slam CCDC, but I ask myself this question: Where would downtown San Diego and the East Village be now without it? And where will be in the future? I live very close to downtown San Diego and travel through it at least a few times a week. Is there a question in anyone's mind that downtown San Diego has been revitalized?? -- and will improve more when the permanent homeless shelter comes on line. Of course the city's economic situation is horrific. As SurfPuppy rightly points out, a lot of that is due to the pension situation, a lot of that is due to the economic collapse, and then there's the fact that our fair citizenry refuses to tax itself in any way, shape or form. Can you blame CCDC for any of that? Doubt it.
— July 11, 2010 2:37 p.m.

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Am losing the will to live.
— July 10, 2010 11:21 a.m.