Okay, so I'm so fed up with little nitwit broads using pregnancy as an excuse to dump their pets that I just posted this rant on Craigslist, where it will be Flagged & Deleted within 15 minutes, guaranteed. I thought that some of the kitty crew here might enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed writing it. :)

This whole having-a-baby-gotta-dump-the-pets phenomenon is a stupid, selfish, irresponsible one that needs to END. Our great grandmothers took care of a half dozen kids, very labor intensive cooking FROM SCRATCH, cleaning, MANUAL laundry, SEWING, gardening, a bunch of farm animals (think feeding, milking, egg collecting, etc.) AND the family pets!

Modern women whine about an easy office job and one kid. You're not the first female human to push out a brat. Biiiiiiiiig deal. Another spoiled rotten little a-hole that thinks he's the center of the universe. Aren't we lucky to have the both of you?

Your furry "babies" don't deserve to be dumped and replaced by your "real" baby. Just because you never really loved them in the first place doesn't mean they don't love YOU. Pets don't discriminate between who deserves their love and who doesn't. They don't know any better. They're not as fickle as you are. They display a characteristic called "loyalty," which humans used to value. Not anymore.

Man up, princesses. Since we can't have YOU spayed or your sperm donor neutered, at least teach your spawn how to respect animals by allowing your pets to remain in THEIR home. It's good for the kid, too. Any psychologist will tell you so. People who grow up without pets turn out weird. And when little Napoleon pulls kitty's tail, scold him. If he does it again, punish him. Better yet, don't bother. Just let the poor cat defend herself and give him a good swat. Like the dumbest puppy in the world, he'll learn. Act like a jerk, get the consequences. A simple life lesson, taught by a cat.

She'd say "you're welcome" if she could. :)


MsGrant July 11, 2010 @ 3:55 p.m.

Hi, AG - thanks for writing this. Let's not forget the women (and men) who give up their cats and dogs for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Anyone who would make you give up a pet knowing that you love it is a controlling jerk, and anyone who would do it deserves what they get, which is most likely years of misery with someone who is going to treat you as unceremoniously as you did your pet.


nan shartel July 11, 2010 @ 6:36 p.m.

give up a pet for a girlfriend or boyfriend MsG???

doesn't that carried an automatic death sentence for the girlfriend or boyfriend who would do it???

love me love my dog is the 1st commandment here at my house...hahahahaha


MsGrant July 11, 2010 @ 7:07 p.m.

Electric chair, nan. There is no way, nothing, no thing, no f***ing way, I would ever, ever, ever, give up the cat that is right now laying on my desk, my cat, my muse. Tiger is Hemingway's cat, he sits here and looks and sometimes when I write 'SCHLOOOOOOCK!" he will just walk across the keyboard and erase the whole thing.


CuddleFish July 11, 2010 @ 7:42 p.m.

On another forum I used to belong to, there was a female [skennerl nicknamed her whitefacedpurpledressedbanshee] who married a man who had a cat, a pretty black and white long-haired cat; the cat had belonged to his girlfriend, but she left the man and the cat. This man did the decent thing and took on the responsibility of the cat. When WFPDB met him, she told him she didn't like cats. So he continued to take full responsibility for feeding, cleaning up after, and taking the cat to the vet. They married and eventually bought a house. WFPDB was so excited; she posted on the forum that she was buying all new furniture -- the problem was the cat. She didn't want the cat ruining her new things; she didn't want the cat in the new house at all. She gave her husband three choices: Surrender the cat to the Humane Society, have her euthanized, or force her to live in the basement, and she was not keen on the third choice.

Now this woman and I hardly got along before this, but even her friends, nevermind her enemies, were pretty furious with her. She had asked the question in the post if she was mean and evil and everybody said Yes. Apparently she didn't care; the cat was not coming into her new house. Instead what they did was they brought the cat to the new house and let it out into the yard to adapt as it could. Their property backed onto a sort of semi-wooded wild area where animals roamed; naturally, the cat disappeared. She insisted for a long time that "Fluffy" was still roaming around, eating the tuna they would set out for her. Sometimes they would see black and white fur out in the wooded area and were sure it was not a skunk.


clutter July 11, 2010 @ 7:59 p.m.

The root of the problem is unfortunately about 50% of dog/cats owners have them as accessories not part of the family.


nan shartel July 12, 2010 @ 4:28 p.m.

clutter u must have never owned a cat



Robert Johnston July 13, 2010 @ 9:02 a.m.

"Love me--love my rat!" I actually had to tell someone that once. I just got tired of her calling Vito III "disease-ridden vermin," and if we lived together, he would soon have a playmate--as in the local coyote population.

Needless to say, our relationship dids not last long after that. And one thing about Vito that made him better than that insecure little mercenary shrew I was dating--Vito's love was unconditional. Just feed him, water him, clean his habitat, and spend quality time with him...a lot better than laying out major money for dinner and a show, with the only response being "Next time, you WILL take me to see a chick flick!"

I miss the little fellow!



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