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99 Cent Only gets green light for booze

Imperial Avenue the first ultra-discount location in San Diego

Where else can you get such far-flung gems as 1000-piece bags of cotton swabs, pregnancy test strips, and paperback copies of O.J. Simpson’s If I Did It quasi-confessional for less than a buck? It’s tempting ...

Ooh, ahh, we need more convention center space

Sail Pavilion lighting precedes hotel-tax-increase sales pitch

During the month of February alone, 13 custom color schemes were drawn up to project on New York’s 103-story Empire State Building. On February 9, they went with red, white, and blue to honor American ...

Historic value of O.B. kit home debated

“Our neighbors are excited to have this building removed and replaced.”

Sears is no longer the retailer it once was, having been beaten to the brink of irrelevance by outlet closures and online competition. But just about anyone over 40 remembers the company’s trusty, phone-book-sized tome ...

Who, us? Fox News wrongly implicates local union

Tucker Carlson links hospitality workers to Calexit effort

UniteHere, the union that represents some 6500 hotel, gaming, and food-service workers in San Diego County’s hospitality industry, has never been shy about flexing its political muscles. When the Chargers developed Measure C for a ...

Ocean Beach may sacrifice high-traffic grass

Approval sought for war memorial near lifeguard station

Is a strip of beach-front grass in a park in Ocean Beach the right location to place a memorial that honors veterans? An important decision looms at city hall. The Ocean Beach Community Development Corporation ...

Ocean Beach surveillance cameras going up

"We don’t want [the signs] to look so Big-Brotherish.”

After months of contention over the use of surveillance cameras along the Ocean Beach coastline, it’s all over except for the signage. The first three cameras — in all, ten are planned — appeared recently ...

Sand drifts curtail O.B. street-sweeping

“I don’t know why it stopped here.... That’s how strong the wind was."

If anyone knows about having to shovel your car out after a winter storm, it’s a guy from Boston. John Hogan of Ocean Beach knows the drill. Back home, where Hogan spent his childhood and ...

Ocean Beach library termite-tented

“It’s not as ugly a process as people think.”

On December 28, a work crew from Cartwright Termite and Pest Control enveloped the historic Ocean Beach library with a giant, dark green fabric and posted signs alerting to the use of Vikane, a brand ...

Renewal of Newport Avenue soon to come

Ruts, gouges, dips, cracks to be eliminated from Ocean Beach's main drag

Newport Avenue is the most important commercial corridor in Ocean Beach. The avenue’s historic buildings, bars, eateries, and antique shops rate high on the funk scale, drawing people from all over San Diego and beyond. ...

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