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Remnants of sunken pirate ship Content may lie beneath Laguna Salada

Maps from that period prove that mariners considered California to be an island

This is the third in the Lost Ship of the Desert series written by Robert Marcos. His first article, “Stay Away From Pinto Canyon”, focused on a unique petroglyph he found in a remote canyon ...

Spanish shipwreck from 1600s in Imperial Valley?

Petroglyphs may not be Cabrillo's San Salvador

The Spanish ship was loaded with pearls when it ran aground in the spring of 1615. The shipwreck lies six miles northwest of present-day El Centro inside an active U.S. naval bombing range. The ship ...

I found pictographs of Cabrillo's San Salvador east of Jacumba

Stay away from Pinto Canyon

"There’s some petroglyphs over in Pinto Canyon," Frank said as he passed me on the trail. Frank Johnson, a handsome 75-year-old man, with flowing white hair and a superb knowledge of hiking trails, is something ...