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Stories by Ray Westberg

San Diego Marine reservists tell Kuwait stories

To Hell and back with the weekend warriors

The Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center on Pomerado Road is a large cube of brick. Inside, Marines and sailors hustle and bustle, and the atmosphere is casual. A young woman Marine takes me to ...

All over La Jolla's VA hospital

Temple of the wounded

It dominates the hill like some neo-Roman rebuild of an ancient Greek acropolis, covers it, a dozen crossed layers of cream-colored cake and tinted glass. Across a spreading slope below, spangles of sunlight bounce through ...

Lord of the Flies in Vietnam

Macabre reminder

Lucid rays beaming down pencil thin through holes in the canvas, pierce the dim and give to the dead air an aura of nebulous presence — a macabre reminder, or perhaps visitation, by disembodied spirit. ...

Camp Pendleton and those stationed there

The Marines are sitting on a few good acres

"This is the only Marine base in the United States where ship-to-shore operations can be practiced. The Marines are an amphibious assault force. Well, then — how should we practice this trade of ours? We have to have this area."

MCRD - Hell on Pacific Highway

Back to basic .

Like everything else, though, mail had its own element of terror. We had all written home imploring family and friends not to send packages or "treats” of any kind, and yet they sent the stuff anyway.

The meaning of Iwo Jima

I explore the WWII battlefield insatiably

Harnessed to the inside wall of the cargo plane by nylon webbing. I note the absence of an M-16 between my knees. If not for that. I'd think we were circling Da Nang. Loosening my ...

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