Camp Pendleton: A hell of a place to grow up

In a good way

We were nearing the end of a late-afternoon soccer practice, trying to squeeze in a few more minutes of scrimmage time before the sun set when coach blew his whistle. The long, shrill tweet stopped ...

The Few. The Proud. All over San Diego.

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The Boot For 30 minutes he puts me through the old tortures — Chinese Thinking Position, Elbows and Toes, The Chair — and ones of his own invention. Hanging from the top of a bunk-frame ...

Camp Pendleton commemorates Korean War operation in 1950

Marines were majority of invading force in 1950

On Friday, September 13, veterans from the 1st Marine Division and Republic of Korea Marines, gathered at Camp Pendleton to commemorate the 63rd anniversary of the Inchon landing in Korea. The military operation involved 75,000 ...

Life Insurance Pitch to Marines Violates Instruction 1344.07

A new audit by the Pentagon’s Office of Inspector General has found that military brass here didn’t do enough to halt illegal life insurance sales practices on San Diego County Marine Corps bases, thereby threatening ...

Marines Who Rock

The five men in a Battle to Fight joke about being Marines who rock. “We can entertain you or we can pick you off at 500 yards,” says Lou, the lead guitarist for the metal-core ...

Documentarian in San Diego to Cover Young Marines

Oakland-based filmmakers Carl D. Brown and Sean Donnelly arrived in San Diego on Wednesday, January 19, to film footage for a documentary on the Young Marines, a training program for children aged 8 to 18. ...

Ultimate Warrior

Why Marines like Rolling Stone's Evan Wright

In the spring of 2003, the United States Marines led the invasion of Iraq. At the point of the spear was the First Reconnaissance Battalion out of Camp Pendleton. The platoons of "First Recon" rotated ...

More Treacherous Than Vietnam

Liberals in the media don't understand terrorism in Afghanistan

McP's Pub in Coronado, a popular hangout for Navy SEALs, is packed with Marines. With only two women in a bar filled with nearly 70 men, they are having what bartender Tom Latona refers to ...

Camp Pendleton's Shaggy Secret

The Marine base is wilder than you think

According to Berry, the San Diego Zoo introduced the bison to Camp Pendleton in 1973. The zoo’s contingent of North American Plains Bison (bison bison) had reproduced so successfully that they were running out of room.

The helo-driving culture of Camp Pendleton

Like a bat out of Hell

The truth about Fightertown is that, with very few exceptions, the only guys with a guaranteed ticket to heaven are the ones wearing the flight suits with the F-14 patches. The women gravitate to these guys.

MCRD museum has the booty from Operation Desert Storm

Operation Desert Spoils

Some of the armored vehicles might have been captured in the battle for Khafji, a Saudi town overrun by Iraqi forces before the push to liberate Kuwait. Other equipment was captured during the drive into Kuwait.

San Diego Marine reservists tell Kuwait stories

To Hell and back with the weekend warriors

The Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center on Pomerado Road is a large cube of brick. Inside, Marines and sailors hustle and bustle, and the atmosphere is casual. A young woman Marine takes me to ...

Camp Pendleton and those stationed there

The Marines are sitting on a few good acres

"This is the only Marine base in the United States where ship-to-shore operations can be practiced. The Marines are an amphibious assault force. Well, then — how should we practice this trade of ours? We have to have this area."

MCRD - Hell on Pacific Highway

Back to basic .

Like everything else, though, mail had its own element of terror. We had all written home imploring family and friends not to send packages or "treats” of any kind, and yet they sent the stuff anyway.

Combat vet watches Marine recruits tested at Camp Pendleton

The boot

I nod in silent greeting to the grim-faced sentry as he checks us out through the gap in the crisscrossed pattern of barbed wire. His lips move as he counts to himself. Fourteen of us ...